Anthony Joshua on his return to stringing: “If I lose I will retire”

The British boxer thinks that when he hangs up the gloves the pressure exerted on him by many people will be left behind.

Anthony Joshua said he will have a lot more than usual at stake, ahead of his fight against Jermain Franklin (21 wins and one loss) on Saturday at London’s O2 Arena.

Joshua will return to the stage for his first world title win against Charles Martin and spoke of the fight against Franklin, admitting that he will hang up the gloves if he loses.

“I will. I will retire if I lose. I’m not here to fight people. If people want me to retire, I will retire,” he told the Daily Mail.

Joshua says he’s ready to enjoy goodbye when it’s time

“I’m not going to fight if people don’t want me to. It’s not even about the money. It’s about your inner competitor. That’s what’s important. It comes with the business and it comes with the territory, I know.

“I know that when I retire, I’m going to relax. I’m going to be thinking that everybody is. I’m finished.

“You guys put a lot of pressure on me, so when I retire, the chains will be gone. I’m going to be laughing and loving life,” Joshua said.

Joshua hasn’t won a fight since 2020 and had two points losses to Usyk, who came from the light heavyweight junior division.

However, Joshua (24 wins, 3 losses) remains among the top three in the world, behind his compatriot Tyson Fury (WBC champion) and Usyk (WBA-WBO-IBF belt holder).

Following his Olympic gold medal in 2012, Joshua turned professional with Robert McCracken, who was his amateur coach and mentor. For the first time in eight years, Joshua won’t fight for a world title on Saturday.

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