Belarus: 17,000 Ukrainian soldiers are deployed on our borders and the situation is tense

The head of the Belarusian Border Committee, Anatoly Labo, announced that the situation on the border with Ukraine remains tense, noting the mobilization of 17,000 servicemen on the border by the Kyiv forces.

“The situation is tense and we don’t know what to expect tomorrow,” Labou said.

He added: “These are not just border guards, but other military units. There are no border specialists. You have to keep in mind that border guards do not have many weapons.”

He stressed that since the start of the military operation in Ukraine, about 80,000 people have arrived in Belarus from Ukrainian lands to Belarus and that the Ukrainian side does not allow Ukrainians to enter Belarusian lands, although Minsk is prepared to receive them.

“hurried” talks

Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to the Ukrainian president, said Saturday that Ukraine and its Western allies have started “urgent” talks on the possibility of supplying Kyiv with long-range missiles and military aircraft.

He pointed out that the Western countries that support Ukraine “are aware of the scope of the development of the war” and of the need to provide Kyiv with aircraft capable of providing cover for the armored fighting vehicles that the United States and Germany promised to send.

But Podolyak told the “Freedom” Internet channel that some of Ukraine’s Western partners take a “conservative” stance towards arms shipments.

Russia and North Korea accused the West of prolonging the war

For his part, Podolyak said: “We have to deal with this. We must show our partners the true picture of this war,” without naming specific countries, adding: “We must carry out a rational dialogue and tell them, for example, that this will reduce the number of deaths and reduce the burden on the infrastructure. It will also reduce security threats on the European continent, which will keep the war local. And we are doing that.”

Russia and North Korea accused the West of prolonging the war and getting directly involved in it by stepping up shipments of advanced weapons to Kyiv.

This comes as the United States and Germany agreed on Wednesday to donate advanced tanks to Ukraine along with US Bradley and German Marder vehicles previously promised to Kyiv, a decision that drew criticism not only from the Kremlin but also from the prime minister. of Hungary, a member of the European Union.

And Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban confirmed on Friday that Western countries providing arms and money to help Ukraine in its war with Russia have “diverted” to become active participants in the conflict. Orban refused to send weapons to Ukraine and tried to block the allocation of European Union funds for military aid to Kyiv.

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