Cristiano Ronaldo had his first big game in Saudi Arabia this Thursday with Al-Nassr

In the stands, the television broadcast captured something strange: images where hundreds of lobsters can be seen on the seats and on the clothes of the stands of the King Abdul Aziz Stadium on matchday 17 of the Saudi Professional League.

Cristiano Ronaldo had his first big game in Saudi Arabia with Al-Nassr on Thursday: he scored four goals and was named Most Valuable Player against Al-Wehda. However, while ‘El Comandante’ was taking over the show on the field, something very strange happened in the stands, perhaps a strange omen.

On social networks, the images provoked reactions of all kinds: “Even the bugs want to see the Bug”, and “The GOAT influences even the insects, it’s too much,” wrote a user on Twitter.

Other fans were disgusted by the presence of a swarm of grasshoppers that did not let them appreciate the game. Fortunately, the Bugs withdrew from the game at halftime.

Does CR7 have an influence on insects?

This is not the first time something similar has happened during a match in which the Portuguese star is participating: prior to the Euro 2016 final between France and Portugal, a swarm of moths invaded the Stade de France and one of them even landed on Cristiano’s forehead while being treated on the pitch, due to an injury that ended up forcing him to leave the game.

However, the presence of these insects was not due to some kind of ominous omens, like the 12 plagues that the Bible mentions, the team’s explanation were much simpler: locusts are a species that migrates in search of fresh and fair grass. They found the ideal. space in the stands of the stadium.

In fact, before the 2018 World Cup in Russia, locusts were a matter of concern for the organizing committee, since before the opening, thousands of hectares of Russian territory had attracted a large number of locusts, in summer.

“Our soccer fields are green. And locusts love green grass. This year there may be a scandal,” Peter Chekmarev, head of the Ministry of Agriculture’s crop protection department, explained before the Cup.

Cristiano’s first great performance in 2023

After the game, Cristiano thanked the support of his club and the fans and said he was happy to have scored: “Great feeling to have scored 4 goals and reached my 500th goal in the league in a very solid victory for the team !”, he wrote on his Twitter account.


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