Guardiola warns his Manchester City: “If we lose against Leicester we will not be champions”

Arsenal takes 6 points to the Citizens with one game less, so the Catalan coach believes that if they lose on Saturday the Premier be sentenced.

Manchester City, full of its overwhelming victory against Bayern in the Champions League, returns to the Premier League tomorrow with the visit of Leicester to the Etihad in a duel that, according to Pep Guardiola, seems crucial for the options of his team for the domestic championship, with still several days of the league.

So much so that the Santpedor has hung the crucial sign for this duel: “If we lose tomorrow we will not be champions”. And this, taking into account that they have one game less with respect to Arsenal, the leader of the Premier League.

Pep’s praise for Brighton

“The reality is that we are six points behind, nobody guarantees that we will win our remaining game against the best team in the world building the game, the best team in Brighton. There is no other team that does better the process of taking the ball to the last quarter of the field, there is no better team in modern football right now, “said the Spanish coach, who also recognizes that, when there is someone better than you, in this case, the team led by Mikel Arteta, you have to admit it.

Guardiola avoids talking about Bellingham

During the press conference, he was questioned about the English player who plays for Borussia Dortmund, Jude Bellingham.

He refused to answer anything about the Briton, asking the press colleague that questions had to be better prepared, especially when you know what answer he was going to give. “Next one,” said Santpedor.

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