In pictures, Dani Alves shares his cell with Coutinho in Barcelona

press reports revealed the daily routine of Brazilian defender Dani Alves in his prison cell, as it turned out that he shared it with another Brazilian prisoner named “Coutinho”.

Alves, the defender of the Brazilian national football team, was arrested last Friday after he was questioned at a police station in Barcelona regarding allegations of sexual assault, and the Mexican club Pumas terminated his contract with the player.

Picture of Dani Alves prison cell

And the Catalan newspaper “El Periódico” confirmed that Alves is serving his detention in “Brians 2” prison, 40 kilometers from Barcelona, ​​​​and shares his cell during Unit 13 with two other defendants accused of similar crimes and different social conditions, one of whom is called “Coutinho”.

The newspaper also indicated that the right-back does not enjoy privileges inside the prison and is treated like the others. His cell was about six square meters, and the authorities decided that sharing it with other people would help him adjust.

picture of Daniel Alvis Prison

The prison contains a hospital in order to provide medical care to the inmates, in addition to a space for exercise, and Danny realizes that he will spend quite a long time in prison, which forces him to adapt to the new situation.

Alves played for Barcelona from 2008-2016, then returned to the Spanish club in the 2021-2022 season, before moving to Mexico.

He has represented Brazil since 2006, winning 126 international matches and scoring eight goals.

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