ASK…THE QUESTION: How Does Plastic Man’s Suit Work?

It’s time as soon as extra to jot down for a few of my favourite folks—you, the readers. Hello! I’m Alex Jaffe, higher identified by the DC Community as HubCityQuestion (or, every so often, “Mr. City.”) In this characteristic, I take the urgent questions that you just (sure, you!) submit concerning the huge scope of the DC Universe and all its inhabitants and historical past, and do my degree finest to ship the solutions you crave. Let’s go get some!

Shut Up and Drive

Numbuh1Nerd asks:

Why is it that the emotional spectrum doesn’t account for happiness or unhappiness—two of essentially the most fundamental feelings?

When Geoff Johns started his reconstructive work on the Green Lantern mythology, his most impactful inventive resolution was to disclose that the inexperienced vitality of the Lantern Corps was only one a part of an enormous spectrum of sunshine powers, every related to channeling a unique emotion. As inexperienced corresponded with pure will, pink was rage, orange was avarice, yellow was concern, blue was hope, indigo was compassion, and violet was love.

A query about this I typically hear is that on this “emotional spectrum,” how will you actually name “will” an emotion? You don’t really feel “will” in the identical method you possibly can really feel indignant or hopeful. Personally, I desire to think about these seven not as feelings, per se, however motivations. Every Lantern Corps is pushed by their very own motivation, be that greed or love. And the Green Lanterns are the purest of all of them, as their drive is decided by willpower itself. From that perspective, it will make sense that “happiness” and “sadness” don’t issue into the emotional spectrum, as these aren’t motivating components—they’re feelings you’re feeling because of one thing which has already occurred. The energy of the emotional spectrum is an lively energy, which influences actuality. Not the opposite method round.

I ought to be aware, nevertheless, that despair performs a major function in Johns’ closing Green Lantern story arc, “Wrath of the First Lantern.” There, we discover the grey Volthoom channeling despair to empty Lanterns of all Corps of their respective drives, including to his personal nice energy. This suggests a task for despair as a unfavourable pressure within the spectrum, draining emotional vitality simply because it tends to do in our personal lives.

As for pleasure, it merely appears that because it stands proper now, happiness doesn’t play a identified function throughout the emotional spectrum. It is, maybe, merely the perfect results of when one’s emotional drives are met.

All About Eel

Wrightline1.42741 asks:

Ever since his debut with Quality Comics, and proper as much as his current appearances within the DCU, Plastic Man has at all times had a dressing up that does precisely what he does. How does it try this, precisely? Considering his previous prison document (though I don’t keep in mind him ever being tried and convicted of something), how was he in a position to turn into an FBI agent? At the very least, you want a squeaky-clean background verify for that. And when DC put him again in circulation, his world was at all times extra Angel & The Ape and Inferior Five than Justice League, as I keep in mind. So, when did he ‘officially’ merge with the extra critical sided heroes of the DCU? I keep in mind a Neal Adams cowl for a Brave and the Bold team-up he had with Batman. Was that his first ‘crossover’ with a mainstream DC hero? Curious, as at all times, and thanks in your time!

There are just a few variations of the origin of Plastic Man’s costume, and also you’re welcome to simply accept whichever you favor. According to his first look in 1941’s Police Comics #1, Plas merely suggests he’ll want a dressing up made out of rubber earlier than setting off to combat crime. Whether he made this himself or picked it up by some unseen contact is left as much as the reader’s creativeness. After Crisis on Infinite Earths, we bought a brand new Plastic Man origin story in a miniseries by Phil Foglio and Hilary Barta. There, we see {that a} pair of goggles and a circus singlet have been among the many results doused by the identical chemical substances as Plastic Man himself, permitting them to adapt to him as he stretches and contorts himself. But regardless of these origins, there’s been a normal concept throughout the zeitgeist that Plastic Man doesn’t truly put on a dressing up in any respect—his pores and skin simply does that. This clarification is acknowledged overtly within the Justice League Action animated collection.

It’s true that Patrick “Eel” O’Brian’s prison historical past would definitely current an impediment to his FBI affiliation. That’s why, at first, he saved it a secret. In a lot the identical method that Batman was deputized by the police within the Silver Age, Plastic Man was deputized by the President of the United States himself in Police Comics #18. And you don’t say no to FDR. But regardless of the President’s suggestion, Plastic Man’s superior officer Chief Banner found his prison previous in 1944’s Police Comics #26 however granted him a pardon supplied he may meet his problem of fixing three main instances in a single day. Plastic Man pulled it off, and it was the final time his previous as Eel O’Brian was talked about in any respect within the Golden Age. That establishment persevered till the 2004 Kyle Baker Plastic Man collection, the place the FBI is as soon as once more apparently unaware of his prison origin. Hijinks ensue from there when an previous flame returns to his life as his new discipline associate Agent Morgan, looking for revenge for abandoning her.

As in your third query: your reminiscence doesn’t fail you. Plastic Man’s first technical DC look was in 1966’s House of Mystery #160, when Robby Reed dials “H” for Hero and channels Plas. Plastic Man makes a full funnybook look in 1967’s The Inferior Five #2, hobnobbing with that crowd to battle a parody of a Marvelous counterpart. Then, in situation #6 of Plastic Man’s first DC collection, Plas battles The Mad Mod, however it’s a unique man than the traditional Teen Titans villain. In situation #8, Plastic Man shares a humorous scene with the Doom Patrol’s Chief Niles Caulder, which is sensible contemplating Doom Patrol creator Arnold Drake was writing. His first critical DC crossover takes place only one month later in 1968’s The Brave and the Bold #76, cowl certainly by Neal Adams, towards a villain often called the Molder. It would possibly clarify why Batman and Plastic Man are so intently related at the moment, with Batman typically taking private duty for his prison rehabilitation. Or, you recognize, it is likely to be as a result of each hero’s bought to have one thing to do with Batman.

The Valiant Variant

RexRebel asks:

Is Superman: The Man of Steel by John Byrne the primary comedian with a variant cowl? Also, assuming Superman was the primary alien superhero, who was the second?

The Man of Steel #1 does maintain the excellence of being the primary comedian with a variant cowl, as we perceive the time period from a advertising and marketing perspective. But technically, very minor variants in comedian e-book commerce gown and high quality have been launched by completely different channels lengthy earlier than then. In 1966, for example, the Golden Record Company reprinted some key Marvel Comics points with completely different promotional covers as a part of a tie-in to their experimental document line of spoken dialogue meant to be listened to together with the difficulty itself. (Honestly, a fairly neat concept I wouldn’t thoughts seeing resurrected as a podcast at the moment.)

Through the ‘70s, slight changes in cover dress were fairly common when reprinting and repricing issues for foreign markets. But as for completely original art with a “collect them all” motivation which defines variant covers as we know them today, Byrne’s Man of Steel was the primary.

The second alien superhero after Superman was… This is a troublesome query, since I’d have to contemplate each comedian e-book character ever created across the time…however I’m going to say Jane 6EM35, The Magician from Mars. Jane first appeared in Amazing-Man Comics #7 by Centaur Publications, an early comedian writer lively from 1938-1942. She could even maintain the excellence of being the primary feminine superhero, though the complexities of her private morality, like her penchant of stealing gold to fund kids’s charities, could name that hero standing into query.

That does it for this version. But if I do know myself effectively, I’m already beginning to observe leads for the following batch of mysteries as you learn this. You could make an appointment in your subsequent case as merely as becoming a member of the DC Community and stopping by to ASK…THE QUESTION.

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