13 Old and Unusual Ways to Say You’re Burned Out

Burnout within the office is an enormous dialog starter nowadays, however the idea itself is just not precisely new: According to Merriam-Webster, the time period burned out (which refers to feeling completely worn out or exhausted), dates again to the early nineteenth century and folks have had different names for it for for much longer than that. Here are only a few methods people have described feeling burned out all through historical past.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, this Fifteenth-century phrase means “overwhelmed; exhausted; disheartened, dismayed.” Yup, seems like burnout!

You can in all probability really feel this one in your bones: Aweary is a phrase for exhaustion relationship again to the sixteenth century. Shakespeare used it (Macbeth says, “I ’gin to be aweary of the sun / And wish th’ estate o’ th’ world were now undone”), as did Tennyson (“I am aweary, aweary, I would that I were dead!” the poet wrote in “Mariana”).

This Seventeenth-century phrase, which suggests “worn out, exhausted,” is typically spelled beazled, as on this quotation from 1875’s A Dictionary of the Sussex Dialect: “He comes home tired of an evening, but not beazled like boys who go to plough.”

In addition to burned out, there was dissipate; Green’s Dictionary of Slang dates this utilization to 1927.

This Fifteenth-century adjective is derived from the Latin dēfatīgātus, that means “to exhaust in mind and body.”

According to The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English, this slang time period that means “overstressed” is used within the UK however has its roots within the U.S. navy; fragged is brief for “fragmentation.”

In the nineteenth century, to frazzle one thing meant to put on it out. The phrase to a frazzle was used to describe what Merriam-Webster calls “a condition of fatigue or nervous exhaustion,” and it appears to have a been a favourite of Theodore Roosevelt, who used it to describe political battles and their ensuing outcomes. “We’ve obtained ‘em beaten to a frazzle,” he said of the Democrats in 1908. “I beat the Old Guard to a frazzle,” he noted in 1910, driving the point home the next day: “I said frazzle you may recall, and you may quote me on that.”

This obsolete term from the 14th century means “overwork.” According to the OED, it was created by combining the word over with the word cark, meaning “that which burdens the spirit, trouble; hence, troubled state of mind, distress, anxiety; anxious solicitude, labor, or toil.”

Similarly, overtoil is a 19th-century term for being worked too hard. “The stoop in the shoulders so universal among them merely means over-toil in the workroom,” George Gissing wrote in his 1889 novel The Nether World.

This word hails from 19th century northwestern England and means “extremely tired; physically or mentally exhausted,” according to the OED. It was formed by combining pow (a variant of the word poll, which usually refers to the top of an animal’s head) and the 18th-century adjective fagged, that means “extremely tired.”

An out of date time period from the 1850s, predone is finest outlined utilizing a quote from Charles Kingsley’s Letters and Memories of His Life: “I am as one desperate and pre-done with work of various kinds at once.”

This colloquialism from early twentieth century England, Australia, and New Zealand is for describing a hectic state of affairs. (The OED has usages citing “stressy days” and “stressy jobs.”) Later, it got here to be used to reference an individual who was “experiencing or displaying mental or emotional strain or tension,” in accordance to the OED.

This Nineteen Twenties Scots time period means “an illness due to overwork, a breakdown,” in accordance to the Scottish National Dictionary. That’s burnout … to a tee.


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