Brutus, The Roman Senator Who Helped Kill Julius Caesar

Before Brutus’ title turned synonymous with the betrayal of Julius Caesar, Roman republicans sang his praises as a hero to democracy.

Wikimedia CommonsA bust that’s presumed to be of Marcus Junius Brutus.

Marcus Junius Brutus was a famend Roman politician and an excellent orator. Born into an illustrious household of politicians, Brutus held a collection of presidency appointments all through his profession, and he even turned one of many closest confidants of Gaius Julius Caesar.

But as we speak, Brutus isn’t remembered for any of his myriad political accomplishments. Rather, his title has turn into synonymous with being a traitor — one who would promote out his household, his pals, and his nation in pursuit of an even bigger aim.

In reality, his title would turn into so linked with ignominy that he died by suicide at simply 42 years previous, unable to cope with the fallout from a transfer that he thought was his greatest effort at saving the democracy he beloved a lot.

Let’s check out what actually occurred between Brutus and Caesar and query whether or not equating his title with treachery is honest in spite of everything.

The Early Life Of Marcus Junius Brutus

While his precise date of start is unknown, historians are likely to agree that Marcus Junius Brutus was born round 85 B.C.E. in historic Rome. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, he was a part of the gens Junia, a household of orators and politicians who labored tirelessly to make sure that Rome would by no means once more have a king. Instead, they most well-liked to apply the ideas of democracy in an elective republic.

His father, with whom he shared a reputation, was murdered by the Roman basic and statesman Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, higher often known as Pompey the Great. This resulted in Brutus being raised by his uncle, Cato the Younger. His mom, Servilia — who would go on to turn into one in every of Caesar’s lovers — additionally got here from a distinguished political household.

According to History Today, one in every of Servilia’s ancestors, Servilius Ahala, murdered the would-be Roman dictator Spurius Maelius in 439 B.C.E. Because of his household’s historical past, Brutus was raised to worth democracy and anti-tyranny above all else.

Eid Mar Coin

Public DomainBrutus had the Eid Mar (Ides of March) coin minted to have fun the assassination of Julius Caesar.

Throughout his profession, Marcus Junius Brutus served in lots of vital roles. These included stints because the triumvir monetalis (basically, a money-changer — one who converts the plundered treasures of the empire into useable cash) and as a quaestor (a public official).

He additionally had a comparatively regular non-public life, no less than by Roman requirements. His first marriage to Appius Claudius Pulcher’s daughter, Claudia, helped his political profession. His second marriage to Porcia (typically spelled Portia), the daughter of Cato and his first cousin, was doubtlessly born out of a real need to be together with her.

But in 49 B.C.E., civil warfare broke out in Rome. Brutus was then introduced with a selection: group up with Pompey, who had brutally murdered his father, or group up with Julius Caesar, who was his mom’s lover. The reply, so far as he was involved, was apparent — however it could finally show to be a fateful determination.

Brutus’ Role In The Assassination Of Julius Caesar

At the start of the Roman civil warfare, Brutus took Pompey’s aspect. As far as he was involved, Pompey was preventing to take care of the integrity of the Republic, whereas Caesar was preventing for egocentric and private causes. But when it turned clear that Pompey was dropping, Brutus rapidly defected to Caesar’s aspect — and Caesar welcomed him.

“Caesar wanted someone with the reputation of Brutus on his side, because it gave him a form of legitimacy,” stated Kathryn Tempest, a historian who wrote Brutus: The Noble Conspirator, to HowStuffWorks. “Caesar could say that his side was standing up for the Republic.”

The Assassination Of Julius Caesar

Wikimedia CommonsThe Assassination of Julius Caesar by William Holmes Sullivan. 1888.

Ultimately, although, it could show to be a deadly mistake for each males. While Caesar roundly defeated Pompey, it wasn’t lengthy earlier than he made his true intentions identified. No longer concerned about ruling Rome as a republic, Caesar made clear that his final aim was to pursue a kingly title — and that was one thing that Brutus wouldn’t stand for.

On March 15, 44 B.C.E., Brutus teamed up with a gaggle of senators to assassinate Caesar, stabbing the dictator 23 instances on the Senate flooring. According to The Parallel Lives by Greek historian and thinker Plutarch, the second was so chaotic that Brutus suffered a lower on his personal hand.

If you consider Shakespeare, Caesar’s remaining phrases had been, “Et tu, Brute?” But in accordance with the historian Suetonius, who wrote two totally different variations of Caesar’s dying, the fallen chief was seemingly silent within the face of treachery. Plutarch famous that Caesar tried to battle again in opposition to his assailants at first, however as soon as he noticed Brutus coming at him with a dagger, he pulled his gown over his head and gave up, dying silently.

Regardless of the small print of Caesar’s remaining moments, information of the assassination unfold rapidly. And as soon as the residents of Rome came upon about their beloved chief’s dying, Brutus needed to flee to Macedonia to flee the outrage.

How Modern History Views Brutus As A Traitor

Brutus might have thought he was saving the Republic, however the assassination of Caesar plunged Rome right into a collection of civil wars. After struggling a number of rounds of defeat, Brutus finally died by suicide in October of 42 B.C.E.

It didn’t take lengthy for Brutus’ goals of a democratic Rome to die with him. According to HISTORY, in 27 B.C.E., Augustus Caesar was put in as the primary emperor of Rome, and the Roman Empire dominated for hundreds of years thereafter.

The Suicide Of Brutus

Wikimedia CommonsBrutus reportedly threw himself onto his personal sword after dropping the second battle of Philippi in 42 B.C.E.

Ultimately, Tempest says there’s no unanimous consensus on how historians view Brutus. Some see him as a well-meaning however foolhardy idealist, dedicated to defending democracy in opposition to all odds. Others, nonetheless, keep in mind him as a traitor — betraying essentially the most mighty of males in pursuit of infamy of his personal.

However you select to view Brutus, nonetheless, what’s clear is that his title will ceaselessly be recorded within the annals of historical past as a person who needed to stay as a hero however as a substitute died a traitor.

Now that you just’ve learn all about Brutus, study Locusta of Gaul, Nero’s private executioner. Then, learn concerning the Roman emperor Caligula, who was seemingly nowhere close to as sadistic as everybody thinks he was.


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