Launching a blockchain to be as easy as deploying a smart contract

Developers and communities will be in a position to deploy their very own sovereign, custom-made blockchains on the “click of a button” says Celestia co-founder Ismail Khoffi. 

Speaking with Cointelegraph at Korean Blockchain Week 2022 final week, Khoffi mentioned that the venture’s imaginative and prescient is to decouple the consensus and software execution layers to unlock new prospects for decentralized app builders. Celesita is mainly a stripped again minimalist layer one blockchain that provides customers the infrastructure that makes it easy to deploy their very own blockchain, or layer two rollup.

sooner or later, we’ll all be in a position to have our personal blockchains.

and it represents one of many greatest social revolutions of our lifetimes.

right here’s 10 methods it might change expertise, finance, work, and full political techniques

— david phelps (@divine_economy) March 22, 2022

“One of the goals of Celestia is to make deploying your own blockchain as easy as deploying a smart contract,” he defined, likening the venture to Amazon Web Services the place “you write your code and click a button, it’s deployed and people can start using it.”

In a comparable method to how the brand new rollup-centric Ethereum imaginative and prescient separates the consensus and knowledge availability layers from the execution layer, Celestia is smodularly-designed however with customizable options which affords customers the liberty to select their execution environments:

“In Celestia, there is no such thing as execution on the base layer, so it’s completely outsourced to a different layer. You can have a settlement layer, but as a specific specialized execution layer that only does settlement on top of Celestia, but is its own thing.”

Khoffi added that “communities can [then] choose which settlement layer they want to use, or they can launch their own settlement layer or launch their own sovereign roll up”.

Khoffi mentioned that Celestia was launched on the concept on-line communities need some sense of sovereignty, and that they like “the idea of launching their own […] blockchain” with no need to be “dependent on Ethereum’s governance and design choices”:

“By having your own sovereign rollout […] you’re not bound to any decision […] you’re more free in the choices that you have, that you can do on your own chain”.

He mentioned a Decentralized Autonomous Organization may need to deploy their very own blockchain, and make the principles for the way it operates, whereas benefiting from Celestia’s infrastructure and safety.

“It will be cheaper, and you’re […] more free in the choices that you have, that you can do on your own chain.”

The Celestia Testnet was deployed in May 2022, and the Celestia Team is planning to launch the Mainnet in 2023. However, Khoffi mentioned that there are nonetheless “optimizations to be done and bugs to be fixed” earlier than the launch. Celestia has not but issued a token however has already attracted loads of hype.


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