8 Times Leslie Nielsen Played a Fart Joke on Someone

Leslie Nielsen was an unlikely comedian powerhouse. After getting his begin with dramatic turns in movies like Forbidden Planet (1956), the performer turned a family identify for his deadpan work in satires like 1980’s Airplane! and 1988’s The Naked Gun. But was the true Nielsen extra stoic or extra of a joker?

If one goes by a love of flatulence, it might be the latter. Nielsen appeared to please in nothing greater than activating a fart noise machine after which watching chaos unfold. (Nielsen apparently carried completely different units round, together with a customized mannequin in addition to business models offered below the names Handi-Gas and Pooter Tooter.)

It was, he as soon as defined, a approach to put individuals comfy. “I’ve never found anything that gets people down to earth faster,” Nielsen instructed The New York Times in 1993. “People approach me as an authority figure, which isn’t in my makeup. Two cranks of this and people talk to me the way I want.”

 Take a take a look at eight occasions—out of probably 1000’s—the actor gassed up.

Airplane! marked the primary time Nielsen broke from his dramatic appearing profession in such a broad style. The movie, which spoofed the airplane catastrophe epics of the Seventies, solid Nielsen as passenger Doctor Rumack, who diagnoses a critical meals sickness onboard and should have the movie’s single greatest line. (“And don’t call me Shirley.”)

If anybody believed Nielsen won’t be as much as the duty, he shortly dispelled the notion by displaying up on set. Speaking with The A.V. Club in 2015, actor David Leisure referred to as Nielsen “the goofiest motherf***er you’ve ever met in your life” and “a virtuoso fart musician.” Leisure stated Nielsen would sit down, act usually, after which activate a “fart machine” made by the prop division to supply fraudulent gasoline. Sometimes he would feign abdomen upset, grabbing his torso in obvious agony; different occasions, Nielsen would use the fart machine between strains. He additionally peddled fart machines to solid and crew for $7 apiece, creating a fart orchestra of kinds that the administrators ultimately banned from the set.

Leslie Nielsen is pictured

Leslie Nielsen. / Steve Granitz/GettyImages

According to his Airplane! co-star Jill Whelan, Nielsen spared nobody when it got here to passing bogus farts. She stated Nielsen “always” had his fart machine with him; as soon as, when the actor encountered a group of Japanese vacationers in an elevator, he activated his system after boarding. “And [the tourists] all immediately got out on the next floor,” Whelan stated.

Nielsen was a frequent speak present visitor, however showing on tv didn’t seem to afford him any sense of gastrointestinal decency. In 2012, comic Larry Miller shared a story about how each he and Nielsen had been set to look on Late Night With David Letterman within the late Eighties or early Nineties. Miller was together with his mother and father backstage when Nielsen appeared. “Leslie Nielsen, as you know, looked like he could have been Secretary of State,” Miller stated. “He had a very serious joking kind of manner he would put on. There’s only one way to say it, so I’m just going to say it: He had with him, constantly, his entire life, he had a little device in his hand … a fart machine. … He could make 12, 15 different kinds of sounds … He thought that was the funniest thing in the world and he was never without it.”

According to Miller, Nielsen and Miller’s mother and father had been chatting when Nielsen deployed his beloved accent. “He starts to speak to them and say, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Miller, let me just say to you there’s nothing greater than a young comedian. There’s nothing more important than’ — brrrrr-arrrr. ‘I’m so sorry, forgive me.’” Miller stated he stored it up, and continued apologizing for his “stomach” for about six minutes straight.

Nielsen took his fart machine to press junkets, the place he would encounter journalists and proceed accountable his flatulence on “the wrong piece of salmon.” In the above clip from 2003, reporter Fred Saxon endures Nielsen for nicely over a minute. “Was that you?” Saxon asks him. “Well, I don’t see anybody else in here,” Nielsen responds.

Nielsen and Cheers star Ted Danson appeared collectively in a section for the 1982 movie Creepshow. According to Danson, Nielsen was toting his trusty fart-maker always. “Most people would do something like that, get a few laughs, and put it away,” Danson stated. “He … would not. We literally got asked to get off an airplane because we were in first class, and when we sat down, he was on one side of the aisle and I was on the other side, and every third person who would walk by, he would do his fart machine. Restaurants would ask us to leave. He was relentlessly in love with his machine, with no sense of shame.”

Leslie Nielsen is pictured

Leslie Nielsen. / Jean-Paul Aussenard/GettyImages

According to Phoenix New Times author Paul Rubin, he as soon as encountered Nielsen within the Maricopa County Courthouse in Phoenix. Rubin was headed to an higher flooring to observe a trial. When he acquired on the elevator, he observed Nielsen. Diligent readers know that is a entice; Rubin didn’t.

“We hadn’t even reached the third floor before the telltale sound of flatulence emanated from  Nielsen,” Rubin wrote. “For the record, it was very loud. ‘Excuse me,’ he said, looking straight ahead as he immediately let another one go. ‘Sorry,’ he said impassively. ‘Whoops.’” As individuals exited in a hurry, Nielsen confirmed Rubin his prized fart field. “You all have a great day,” Nielsen stated.

Nielsen’s fart machine may typically act as a mediator. Speaking with Esquire in 2008, Nielsen stated he as soon as used it to quell a downside in a bar. (*8*) he defined. “As I got in between the two of them, I said, ‘Where’s the john? Is it straight back there?’ Fffffhpppppffffft. Well, these guys look at each other and then look at me, and they both start laughing. Fight was over.”

Leslie Nielsen is pictured

Leslie Nielsen. / United Archives/GettyImages

Airplane! actor Ross Harris instructed The A.V. Club that Nielsen got here in to document some DVD commentary for the movie. “It was the last couple of years of his life, and I think he was starting to get a bit senile, but he was still carrying that thing around,” Harris stated. “And, you know, you’d think that it would’ve become kind of a tired joke, or even a little bit sad, but I’ll tell you, when you combined that thing with the old age or senility or whatever, he really caught people off-guard. So, yeah, he was blasting that thing off even then, and people were, like, ‘Oh, my God: He’s still at it!’”


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