Apple’s upcoming iOS 16 update brings with it a lot of new features including change in sound

Apple’s upcoming iOS 16 update brings many new features, such as the ability to customize the lock screen, edit iMessages, or copy written text from a video. But Apple also made a quiet change to some of the iPhone sounds, which some of us at The Verge have noticed while using the betas.

When you go to the Find Mine app and choose the “play sound” option for an iOS/iPadOS 16 device, you will now be greeted with what sounds like an electronic xylophone, instead of the ping sound played on iOS 15 and earlier versions. The change also applies when you ask your Apple Watch to ping the phone for you, except the sound plays once rather than repeatedly. A colleague of mine described the new sound as crisper and easier to hear, but I’ll let you judge for yourself how it sounds.

Let me tell you: I think this sound is much better than the old one. While iOS 15’s radar-like pings are a thematically appropriate soundtrack as I search for a lost phone, the new sound is fun and playful, as if my phone is dancing a little. come see me”.

What I don’t really like is the new Siri activation sound. While Siri’s classic two-note wake-up beep has disappeared for a while (when I say “hey Siri” or hold down the phone’s power button, Siri just waits a moment before saying “uh-huh?” Or “hmm?”), there is another point where I feel it: when you activate the voice assistant while using CarPlay. Now that tone has been replaced with a softer bang, which I find far less catchy. While I like the sound, I’m not a huge fan of it making me guess if Siri is actually listening while I’m trying to keep my eyes on the road.

If you’ve made it this far in history, I think it’s safe to assume you’re interested in the sounds that phones make to let humans know that something is going on. If so, you might want to check out our great article detailing the history of the famous Nokia ringtones.

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