Let’s Talk About Your Future: The Top Eight Colleges in the DCU

Do you are feeling that? The leaves are turning colours and the air is beginning to cool. No, it’s not one other Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze assault. It’s the begin of Back-to-School Season! For many college students, this implies a return to their place of studying for an additional yr. But it’s additionally time for others to begin contemplating the future—the place they wish to take their larger training as soon as they’re achieved with highschool. There are loads of school lists on the market should you’re in an Ivy League training or the finest college to set you up for a profession in legislation, medication or expertise. But so far as we all know, there aren’t any college rankings for colleges inside the DC Universe…till now. Below, we’ve ranked the finest institutes of upper studying you’ll discover in the pages of your favourite comedian books. And don’t overlook these extracurriculars. Costumed crimefighting seems nice on any software.

Metropolis University

Est. 1947, Superman #46
Notable Alumni: Clark Kent, Lori Lemaris

Home of the Bulldogs, Metropolis University includes a famend journalism program as the college of the world’s most well-known reporter: Clark Kent of The Daily Planet, just lately revealed to the world as Superman. Honestly, the foremost cause to enroll at Metropolis U at this level is that Big Blue himself is virtually assured to offer your graduation speech on commencement. It’s your finest alternative to fulfill Superman with out falling out of a constructing. Metropolis University includes a well-established physics program, however you might wish to take into account their astronomy curriculum. After all, there’s no finer place to lookup in the sky.

Gotham University

Est. 1943, World’s Finest Comics #3
Notable Alumni: Stephanie Brown, Tamara Fox, Michael Lane, Francine Langstrom

There’s by no means a uninteresting second at Gotham U, residence of the Nighthawks soccer crew. For these trying to tackle prison psychology, Gotham University presents…let’s name them distinctive alternatives to review the prison thoughts first-hand. Professor emeritus Jonathan Crane is now not employed right here, however that received’t essentially cease him from giving a “guest lecture” occasionally about the nature of the human thoughts. If you’re extra into botany, you would possibly anticipate an unscheduled campus tour by Dr. Pamela Isley. The scholar turnover charge is admittedly excessive, however that simply means you’ve received a greater likelihood of getting in. Don’t trouble studying the security waivers, it’s all pretty customary.

Hudson University

Est. 1969, Batman #217
Notable Alumni: Lana Lang, Martin Stein

Don’t let its fame idiot you, Hudson University will not be a celebration college. Just as a result of it was as soon as the playground of billionaire Bruce Wayne’s ward Dick Grayson doesn’t make it an escape for the Wayne household playboys’ notorious urge for food for careless hedonism. Grayson might have dropped out of the program a number of instances, however no school has been extra secure since at the least one in every of the college students has taken it upon themselves to combat campus crime as Robin. Hudson University has a good science program as the alma mater of Firestorm Project founder Dr. Martin Stein, and a formidable English division chaired by Herb Winston, whom Gemworld change college students know properly as the adoptive father of Princess Amethyst.

Holliday College

Est. 1941, Sensation Comics #2
Notable Alumni: Etta Candy

Historically an all-women’s college, Holliday College has a well-rounded training and athletic division, however is finest identified for its close-knit scholar physique and sturdy sorority life. Beeta Lambda House in explicit, residence of the “Holliday Girls,” has earned a fame as America’s most well-known sorority, with its energetic sisterhood and affiliation with their unofficial home matron, Wonder Woman. Where Batman has a Robin, and Superman usually has cub reporter Jimmy Olsen in tow, the early adventures of the Champion of the Amazons all had the Holliday Girls at her again. With that legacy, there’s no finer establishment in America to turn into a Wonder Woman. “WOO WOO!”

Central City University

Est. 1962, The Flash #134
Notable Alumni: Barry Allen, Simon Stagg, Wally West

CCU is the place the most groundbreaking work in science is being achieved at the moment, with ongoing analysis into such heady, barely understood ideas corresponding to the Speed Force and the Multiverse. Cutting edge firms like S.T.A.R. Labs, Starrware, and Terrific-Tech are identified to recruit graduates proper out of the college, so there’s no higher place to kickstart your profession in tremendous science—and, should you’re fortunate, possibly even develop superpowers of your individual! (Or die in a horrible accident should you don’t have the metagene.)

The Silent School

Est. 2017, Aquaman #24
Notable Alumni: Tempest, Tula

If arcane training is the place your curiosity lies, you may do worse than to contemplate the Silent School, notably should you’re centered on sensible and navy purposes of magic. Tens of hundreds of years previous, the Silent School might very properly be the oldest functioning school in the world at the moment. The one drawback? It’s location may be an issue for some potential college students—it’s situated deep beneath the ocean in the metropolis of Atlantis, and barely, if ever, accepts any college students from anyplace however their little school city. So, should you’re not a powerful swimmer and actually good at holding your breath (we’re speaking actually, REALLY good), we’d advocate the subsequent establishment on our listing.

Mystik University

Est. 2017, Mystik U #1
Notable Alumni: Sebastian Faust, Davit Sargon, Zatanna Zatara

Waterbreathers however, Mystik U is the finest place in the DC Universe to get a specialised training for the magically inclined. Some of the best mystical minds lively at the moment train the subsequent technology of mages and sorcerers right here, together with Professor Xanadu, Professor Frankenstein, the Kindly Ones and Deans Rose Psychic and Doctor Occult (though nobody’s ever actually seen the two at the similar time). We should warn you, nonetheless, that should you’re in a magical sports activities program, the solely brooms you’ll discover on campus are for sweeping.

Ivy University

Est. 1947, Wonder Woman #24
Notable Alumni: Ray Palmer

If you’re trying in the direction of a profession in science and engineering, then that is the place you wish to be. Ivy University is the most prestigious college in the nation, with professors corresponding to the illustrious Ray Palmer and Ryan Choi to actually provide you with hands-on expertise with the microscopic particulars. Like most establishments of upper studying, Ivy University does generally tend to make use of the odd super-villain right here and there, however makes up for that with fast on-campus appearances of Ivy Town’s resident superhero, the Atom.

You’ll be high quality, so long as you pay no thoughts to the Lovecraftian most cancers god M’nagalah who dwells deep beneath the floor. Glory to M’nagalah, father of life on this world and all others, M’nagalah who lies dreaming and twists the minds of males, M’nagalah who—

I’m sorry, what was I saying? Anyway, it is best to undoubtedly attempt to make it in right here, and I’m not being motivated by an extraplanar being of incalculable energy whose mere visage eternally warps the minds of males to say that. Apply at the moment!

Alex Jaffe is the creator of our month-to-month “Ask the Question” column and writes about TV, films, comics and superhero historical past for DCComics.com. Follow him on Twitter at @AlexJaffe and discover him in the DC Community as HubCityQuestion.

NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in this characteristic are solely these of Alex Jaffe and don’t essentially replicate these of DC Entertainment or Warner Bros.


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