Meet the Olympians: A Pocket Guide to DC’s Greek Gods

After millennia of service to her individuals on Paradise Island, demise lastly got here for Queen Hippolyta on this spring’s Trial of the Amazons. But her closest pals and family members could quickly be taught that their misplaced queen isn’t so far-off. As it seems, Hippolyta has earned her place on Mt. Olympus, in a task which is at the middle of this week’s Olympus: Rebirth. As one adapts to any new setting, it’s necessary to know who you’ll be sharing your work with. Don’t fear, Hippolyta. We’ve acquired a cheat sheet for you on the who’s who you’ll be hobnobbing with on Mt. Olympus. These are the Olympian Gods, as we all know them in the DC Universe.


  • Dominion: The sky, thunder and lightning, legislation and order
  • Family Tree: Son of the Titans, Cronus and Rhea
  • Greek Gossip: Once seduced a princess by turning right into a swan

In Greek mythology, Zeus is the king of all gods and the boss when it comes to Mt. Olympus. The DC Universe is a spot of many gods of many pantheons, nonetheless, basically decreasing his function to a form of deific district supervisor. According to the Genesis occasion in the Nineties, Zeus—and all different trendy gods—have been created by the “Godwave” emanating from the Source that swept via the universe 5 billion years in the past when the Old Gods died and the Fourth World was born. But that doesn’t often come up today.

Ostensibly, the energy of Shazam attracts upon the “Power of Zeus,” however a number of sources point out that the magic god “Zeus” will not be the similar entity as the Greek god Zeus. In the previous, Zeus has been depicted as a member of the Quintessence, a quintumvirate of figures who oversee issues of main significance to the universe alongside Ganthet, Highfather, the Phantom Stranger, and the wizard Shazam. As far as we all know, he’s on no account affiliated with Batman villain Maxie Zeus.

Depending on whether or not you’re studying comics from earlier than or after 2011, Zeus is both Wonder Woman’s great-grandfather by means of Ares and Hippolyta, or Wonder Woman’s father. Similarly, Zeus has been both Wonder Girl Cassandra Sandsmark’s father or grandfather, relying on the state of continuity. (Greek god households are difficult.) Either approach, as both Hippolyta’s grandfather or former lover, they’ve rather a lot to work out.


  • Dominion: The sea, storms and earthquakes, horses for some purpose
  • Family Tree: Brother of Zeus
  • Greek Gossip: The complete ten-year epic of Homer’s Odyssey solely occurred as a result of Poseidon completely hates this one man particularly

As a sea god, Poseidon’s traditionally been extra concerned in Aquaman’s life than Wonder Woman’s. Their first encounter, in 1964’s Aquaman #17, is definitely over Mera, who Poseidon has determined to take as his personal spouse. Aquaman is none too happy about that, so he and Aqualad educate him a lesson about selfishness. Much later, in Peter David’s Aquaman run via the ‘90s, Poseidon blinds Aquaman for daring to struggle his son Triton.

So, how did Aquaman find yourself along with his a lot vaunted “Trident of Poseidon”? In the David Aquaman sequence, it’s a present from Poseidon himself as soon as they settle their variations. The later Geoff Johns Aquaman run of the New 52, nonetheless, establishes it as an Atlantean relic from the treasures of the historic King Atlan.


  • Dominion: The lifeless, the underworld, cash
  • Family Tree: Brother of Zeus
  • Greek Gossip: “Cerberus” means “Spotted” in the Proto-Indo-European language, which means Hades actually named his canine “Spot”

Just as a result of he’s the Lord of the Dead, lots of people like to solid Hades as a villain. In actuality, he’s extra only a dude with a creepy job that he takes very severely. The Justice League animated sequence implied at one level that he may be Wonder Woman’s father, however that’s by no means been totally explored. On the event that Hades does get swept up in some depraved scheme, it’s often his spouse Persephone who reminds him of his higher judgment.

Hades can be, roughly, the boss of the Amazons, from a sure perspective. The so-called Paradise Island of Themyscira is located atop Doom’s Doorway, one in all the solely methods out of Hades’ underworld of Tartarus. While having fun with their immortality and disassociation with man’s world, the duties of the Amazons in trade are to shield this doorway.


  • Dominion: Women, marriage
  • Family Tree: Sister and spouse of Zeus
  • Greek Gossip: Unhealthy tendency to take her wrath over her husband’s infidelities out on his mistresses

As the queen of the gods, it’s not unusual to discover Wonder Woman providing a fast prayer to Hera for energy. But as fickle a god as her husband, Hera’s relationship with the Amazons will be moderately unpredictable. According to one model of the origins of the Amazon individuals, Hera was one in all the 5 goddesses to create the reincarnation system which allowed Amazons to be born, and who introduced Diana to life as properly on behalf of Hippolyta. Despite variations over Diana’s rewritten origin as the daughter of Zeus, the two have put that rivalry apart and resumed a working relationship. Recently, Hera has appeared to substitute Zeus as a member of the Quintessence. While on the job, she was killed by Darkseid, however Wonder Woman introduced her again alongside many different lifeless Olympian gods.


  • Dominion: Agriculture
  • Family Tree: Sister of Zeus
  • Greek Gossip: Probably nonetheless not over the entire Persephone deal

Demeter hasn’t performed a big function in the historical past of the DC Universe, however was current as one in all the 5 goddesses who created the Amazon individuals and introduced Diana to life in her clay origin. But simply as in Greek delusion, she at all times does her greatest to take care of her youngsters. During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, it was Demeter who drafted the Amazons into the ongoing battle towards the Anti-Monitor’s Shadow Demons, who had staged an assault on Mt. Olympus.


  • Dominion: The fireplace, hearth, household and state
  • Family Tree: Sister of Zeus
  • Greek Gossip: Typically stays out of drama—a goddess of the individuals

As a home goddess, Hestia tends to avoid battle, however has performed an instrumental function in Amazon historical past. Hestia created the metropolis of Themyscira for the Amazons to inhabit on Paradise Island and empowers the Lasso of Truth with its distinctive properties.


  • Dominion: Wisdom, braveness, heroes, technique, business, cities, warfare (however good about it)
  • Family Tree: Daughter of Zeus (however not Hera)
  • Greek Gossip: Not as cool as you assume, Medusa did nothing unsuitable

Athena is one other one in all the 5 patrons of the Amazons, and the one who bestowed them—and particularly Diana—with their extranormal knowledge. Although she has greater than her share of faults, Athena is usually the Greek god most related to heroes and has taken a selected curiosity in Wonder Woman. In Infinite Crisis, it was Athena who protected the Amazons by spiriting them away to one other airplane of existence. In Amazons Attack!, nonetheless, Athena would fall sufferer to possession by Granny Goodness, staging a warfare between the Themyscirans and man’s world.


  • Dominion: Love, magnificence, intercourse
  • Family Tree: Either the daughter of Zeus (however not Hera), or Zeus’s grandfather and primordial deity Uranus, relying who you ask
  • Greek Gossip: Basically liable for making Pandora need to open that field

Another patron of the Amazons, and the one who, in accordance to the clay delusion, particularly breathed life into Diana. Wonder Woman is claimed to have inherited her magnificence and sometimes claims Aphrodite as the patron of her ongoing mission of affection. In reality, the earliest Wonder Woman tales by William Moulton Marston set the complete battle of their existence as an ongoing battle between Aphrodite and Ares, representing love and warfare. Recently, Aphrodite offered direct companionship to Wonder Woman as an ally in man’s world via G. Willow Wilson’s Wonder Woman sequence, however was struck down by Cheetah, wielding the Godkiller sword. As with many different Greek gods, Wonder Woman finally restored her to life.


  • Dominion: Nature, the moon, searching
  • Family Tree: Daughter of Zeus (however not Hera)
  • Greek Gossip: Any time someone dies all of the sudden of a coronary heart assault or one thing, it means Artemis simply shot ’em

Artemis could also be the most revered of all the gods in Themyscira, as the religious and conventional chief of all who’ve adopted her way of life. As goddess of the moon, Golden Age comics depicted her residence there, however today she will often be discovered round the environs of Mt. Olympus.


  • Dominion: Speed, wit, crafty, roads, vacationers, thieves and athletes
  • Family Tree: Son of Zeus (however not Hera)
  • Greek Gossip: Invented your least favourite uncle’s two favourite sports activities—racing and wrestling

Hermes was the sole male god concerned in Diana’s clay origin, imbuing her along with his pace and reward for flight (in Post-Crisis continuity, that’s—earlier than that, Wonder Woman may merely glide on air currents). Sympathetic to Wonder Woman’s mission in man’s world, Hermes has been proven to harbor a not-too-secret crush on Diana. But god or not, can you actually blame him? I imply, she’s Wonder Woman.


  • Dominion: Healing, information, artwork and music
  • Family Tree: Son of Zeus (however not Hera)
  • Greek Gossip: As the bringer of each illness and wellness, could also be liable for COVID-19

Apollo performed a significant function making an influence play for Zeus’s throne in Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang’s Wonder Woman sequence, however we haven’t talked about that a lot right here since that chain of occasions was later revealed to be a delusion designed to preserve Wonder Woman from returning to Themyscira. He will not be affiliated with the superhero Apollo of The Authority and StormWatch.


  • Dominion: War (and actually aggro about it)
  • Family Tree: Son of Zeus and Hera
  • Greek Gossip: Easily humiliated, sort of a loser actually

Superman has Lex Luthor. Batman has the Joker. And you might make a strong argument that in equivalence, Wonder Woman has Ares. Making his DC Comics debut in Wonder Woman #1, Ares has been Diana’s biggest foe from the very outset of her mission, actually embodying the idea of warfare which she has made it her private objective to circumvent. Ares derives his powers from the drive of battle itself, making it his objective to encourage discontent at each flip. Ares just lately tried to flip over a brand new leaf inside his perpetual cycle of violence by changing into avatar of simply and righteous warfare, though the query stays open if such a factor may even exist. But all that’s moot now, as Ares has been drafted as one in all the many troopers of Pariah’s Dark Army in Dark Crisis.

So many gods, all with their very own motivations and points (it explains rather a lot about the world, doesn’t it?). And truly, we haven’t even coated all of them. There are gods like Hephaestus, Dionysus and Eros…and far darker beings like Hecate. Discover them whereas studying about the destiny of Hippolyta by selecting up Olympus: Rebirth, now obtainable in comedian retailers in our world and presumably theirs as properly.

Olympus: Rebirth #1 by Michael W. Conrad, Becky Cloonan, Caitlin Yarsky and Jordie Bellaire is now obtainable in print and as a digital comedian guide.

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