Is ‘quiet quitting’ a good thought? Here’s what workplace experts say

Maggie Perkins stated she began “quiet quitting” at her educating job in 2018, even earlier than it grew to become a TikTook pattern.

“There was no reason for me to hustle because as a teacher, there’s no promotion opportunities. If you’re the person who wins the award for teacher of the year, [you’ll] make the same salary as somebody who isn’t,” the 30-year-old mom informed CNBC.

To be clear, there is no single definition of the time period quiet quitting. For some, it means setting boundaries and never taking up further work; for others, it simply means not going above and past. Most, nevertheless, agree it doesn’t imply you are leaving the job.

Four years on, after quiet quitting began making waves on TikTook, Perkins additionally made a video about how to do this as a instructor. It consists of doing all your job solely throughout contract hours, not taking up further work as a result of that is the way you get burned out or taken benefit of, she stated in her video.


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“I didn’t volunteer for committees. I didn’t stay late and do extra. I just taught my classes, and I was a good teacher,” she informed CNBC Make It in a digital interview.

What staff are in search of

While the time period quiet quitting could also be new, the idea is not.

Michael Timmes, a senior human useful resource specialist at Insperity stated that there have all the time been workers who react to burnout by “doing the bare minimum.” 

“Today, this is being driven by Gen Z, however evident across all generations. It has taken steam through social media platforms,” he added.

What was a passive aggressive problem of work-life steadiness is now turning into a very direct request. It’s not a request anymore. It’s a demand.

Jaya Dass

Managing Director for Singapore and Malaysia, Randstad

For Jaya Dass, Randstad’s managing director for Singapore and Malaysia, quiet quitting is a “residual impact” of Covid-19 and the Great Resignation, the place workers felt empowered to take management of their work and private life.

“What used to be a passive aggressive challenge of work-life balance is now becoming a very direct request,” she stated.

“It’s not a request anymore. It’s a demand.”

Kelsey Wat, a profession coach agreed, and stated quiet quitting is now a approach for staff to “stick it” to corporations who see them “as another cog in the machine.”

The drawback with the Great Resignation is that it assumes everybody has some other place to go, Dass added. But for people who really feel they do not have various jobs to go to and want to remain employed, quiet quitting has change into the following out there choice.

“If no one’s asking you to leave, why not do less by default and get away with it? You’re buying time where you’re at,” Jass added. 

“It could come from this general sense of hopelessness … with what’s happening with inflation or the cost of living, a whole bunch of things that people haven’t recovered from.”

Is quiet quitting useful and what do hiring managers take into consideration quiet-quitters?

When quiet quitting backfires 

However, quiet quitting in principle and in observe can look totally different for each particular person.

Experts stated the idea is worrying as a result of it could actually transcend merely hanging higher work life steadiness. 

“Quiet quitting removes any emotional investment you might have from your work, which is sad given the fact that most of us spend so much of our time at work,” stated Wat. 

“Most of us want to be proud of the work we do and the contributions we make. We want to see our impact and feel good about it. Quiet quitting doesn’t allow for that.”

She added that it’s attainable to keep up wholesome boundaries and stay emotionally invested at work.

Timmes agreed, and stated there’s a distinction between higher work-life steadiness and “being totally disengaged.”

From an workplace perspective, quiet quitting may cause conflicts between workers, as some workers will really feel others aren’t carrying their weight.

Michael Timmes

Senior human useful resource specialist, Insperity

“An employee that shows up every day, goes through the motions, turns down certain projects due to lack of interest, and has no desire to advance in their current career or develop skills is very different to a case of work-life balance.”

He added that quiet quitting might be a constructive pattern if staff targeted on maximizing their hours on the workplace. “The only problem: the trend isn’t reflecting this mentality at the moment,” Timmes stated.

There are unhealthy qualities that may be adopted from quiet quitting too, similar to lack of motivation, underdevelopment of expertise, lack of flexibility and incapability to work in a staff setting.

“From an office perspective, quiet quitting can cause conflicts between employees, as some employees will feel others aren’t carrying their weight,” he added. 

“Overall, this can backfire on the employee and can also create a wave of inadequate and underdeveloped employees.”

Kevin O’Leary, an investor and star of ABC’s “Shark Tank” has additionally stated that quiet quitting is “a really bad idea.” 

“People that go beyond to try to solve problems for the organization, their teams, their managers, their bosses, those are the ones that succeed in life,” O’Leary stated.

However, Perkins insisted that quiet quitting doesn’t imply slacking off at work — although she acknowledged that some individuals could accomplish that. 

“I do value my work and I do put in the hours, but I just want to be respectful of my time and my energy,” she added. 

Perkins has since left educating and is now a tutorial marketing consultant and full-time tutor. She says now that she’s prepared to go above and past for her present position. 

“That’s because it’s a company that has shown me that they value me and I get very respectful feedback from my boss, it’s a healthy work environment,” she defined.

“If my boss had been really negative towards me in the past, I would have just said no.” 

Perkins stated she used to quiet stop “out of necessity.”

“I had my first daughter [in 2018] … If I was late picking her up from day care, they would fine me a dollar a minute and so if I didn’t leave work almost as soon as my students left the building, then I was gonna have to pay a fee.” 

Why quiet quitting may fit

Quiet quitting could be useful when it comes to offering extra time for workers to pursue ardour tasks, Timmes identified. 

“The employee may be able to think more outside the box, feel more refreshed and become more efficient in the hours they are working.” 

Wat added that quiet quitting may give workers short-term reduction from a work surroundings that’s “overly focused on outcomes.”

At the top of the day, quiet quitting is about … combatting the long-held perception that the one option to get forward professionally is to work far past your limits and to tackle a ‘sure man’ mentality.

“I can see how quiet quitting for a season may help them to refocus on their needs outside of work and hopefully lead them towards recovering from their burnout and getting clear on their needs and boundaries within the workplace moving forward,” she added.

“At the end of the day, quiet quitting is about … combatting the long-held belief that the only way to get ahead professionally is to work far beyond your limits and to take on a ‘yes man’ mentality.”

Maggie Perkins stated that adopting quiet quitting gave her extra “personal happiness and satisfaction.”

Maggie Perkins


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