When the Dark Knight Fights His Closest Allies

Nobody fights like household, simply ask Batman. Over the years, the Dark Knight has taken on a number of companions, constructing a household of heroes. Of course, if you put that many individuals collectively in a hectic atmosphere like Gotham, in a hectic occupation like crimefighting, after which prepare them in martial arts—nicely, chances are high punches are going to be thrown finally. Let’s face it, Batman isn’t precisely recognized for his light demeanor, and over the years, he’s ticked off his allies extra occasions than we will depend. With Batman Day simply round the nook, and with this 12 months’s concentrate on Batman’s iconic fights with…nicely, everybody, we thought we’d be remiss if we didn’t check out a few of the occasions Batman has fought towards the Bat-Family.

Consider this a caring Batman Day reminder that every one households struggle. This one simply does it with batarangs.

Batman vs. Nightwing

When It Happened: Batman #600

The Arena: The Batcave

The Play-by-Play: After Bruce Wayne is framed for the homicide of his girlfriend Vesper Fairchild, the Bat-Family maintain an intervention. Batman doesn’t wish to struggle the costs and decides to desert his Bruce Wayne identification. He could be very dismissive in the direction of his allies as they ask for a proof and Nightwing finally loses his mood. Dick throws the first punch and the battle is on. Batman evades most of Nightwing’s blows and refuses to reply his questions, which solely enrages Dick additional. In his fury, Dick unintentionally destroys Jason Todd’s memorial, which ends the struggle.

The Victor: The struggle ended earlier than a correct victor could possibly be decided, however primarily based on their immature habits, neither of them had been winners right here.

Batman vs. Batgirl

When It Happened: 2004’s Batgirl #50

The Arena: Bristol Cemetery, and finally throughout Gotham City

The Play-by-Play: Batman and Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) change into contaminated with a drug known as Soul, which is claimed to provide its customers violent rages. The two allies viciously struggle each other in a battle that takes them throughout the metropolis. Nightwing, Oracle and Robin attempt to meet up with the frenzied combatants, hoping to remedy them earlier than any person dies. Collateral injury is critical, culminating in a bridge explosion. Shocked to their sense by the frigid water, the two embrace one another and finish their struggle. Batman later reveals to Oracle that the drug solely had a minor impact on them and the struggle was his means of giving Cassandra remedy. Weird flex Batman, however you do you.

The Victor: Let’s be clear, the solely cause Batman survived is as a result of Batgirl let him survive. This one would possibly technically be a draw, however solely as a result of Cass didn’t unleash her full energy.

Batman vs. Red Robin

When It Happened: Bruce Wayne: The Road Home: Red Robin #1

The Arena: Amsterdam rooftops

The Play-by-Play: Undercover as an murderer generally known as the Insider, Bruce is tasked with killing Red Robin, main the two crimefighters to stage a struggle to maintain up appearances. Never one to waste a great struggle, Bruce decides to make use of the mock battle as a chance to check Tim’s expertise. Red Robin welcomes the problem and fights off Bruce’s advances. As the Insider, Bruce is compelled to depend on his go well with’s tech with a view to repel Red Robin’s blows. The pair trades punches for a while, finally stopping their charade with a view to apprehend a gaggle of assassins.

The Victor: Let’s name this one a draw, nevertheless it’s price noting that Tim’s preventing expertise impressed Bruce.

Batman vs. Batwoman

When It Happened: 2018’s Batwoman #16

The Arena: The Kane Industries constructing

The Play-by-Play: Batman is attempting to apprehend the villain Alice, however Batwoman believes her sister can nonetheless be redeemed. Fearing {that a} stint in Arkham would kill her, Batwoman assaults Batman and makes an attempt to get away with Alice. As a lot a pursuit as an precise struggle, with Batwoman barely staying one step forward of Batman, Kate is finally in a position to make use of the constructing PA system to play the sound of a gunshot, triggering Bruce’s childhood trauma. Batwoman makes use of the delay to knock over a bit of structure, trapping the Dark Knight.

The Victor: Kate’s precise quote was “I @#$%[email protected]# won.”

Batman vs. Alfred

When It Happened: The Batman Who Laughs #4

The Arena: The Batcave

The Play-by-Play: Bruce has allowed toxin from the Joker to contaminate him and donned a visor that when belonged to the Batman Who Laughs. He causes that its connection to the Dark Multiverse will show to be an asset to him. Alfred understandably has considerations and takes the visor from Bruce. Still infused with Joker toxin, Bruce shockingly assaults Alfred. However, the butler proves himself to be an efficient fighter, touchdown a number of hits on the Dark Knight. Batman finally overpowers Alfred, however the tears from his butler snap him out of his maniacal rage, ending the struggle.

The Victor: I’m giving this one to Alfred, since he landed quite a few hits on Bruce earlier than the struggle stopped.

When household fights household, no person wins—besides the readers, as a result of let’s face it, it’s dramatic and lots of enjoyable to see. Their fights is likely to be violent and generally trigger property injury, however in the finish, you couldn’t ask for a greater household than the Bat-Family partially due to all of their squabbles. If Bruce, Dick, Cass, Tim, Kate and Alfred can all put the feelings of their previous fights apart time and time once more to return to the rescue and assist of one another, then you recognize their relationship is constructed on some stable floor. And that’s a great factor as a result of it doesn’t appear like the Bat-Family’s inside struggles are going to be ending any time quickly.

Batman Day 2022 is on Saturday, September seventeenth. For extra data, together with unique movies, options, articles and extra celebrating the Dark Knight, go to our official Batman Day web page.

Joshua Lapin-Bertone writes about TV, motion pictures and comics for DCComics.com, is a daily contributor to the Couch Club and writes our month-to-month Batman column, “Gotham Gazette.” Follow him on Twitter at @TBUJosh.

NOTE: The views and opinions expressed on this function are solely these of Joshua Lapin-Bertone and don’t essentially mirror these of DC Entertainment or Warner Bros.


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