Ukraine’s cyberwar chief sounds like he’s winning

Evgen Kotenko/Getty Images

Yurii Shchyhol doesn’t have a number of time to spare.

The head of the Derzhspetszviazok, Ukraine’s model of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, might be forgiven for working speedily. His nation is beneath assault—and with it, the world order. “This is the first time ever in history that we’ve had such a full-fledged cyberwar happening right now in Ukraine,” says Shchyhol, who’s tasked with preserving Ukraine’s cyber territory secure in the identical method president Volodymyr Zelensky oversees the nation’s bodily armed forces.

Skirmishes on the web towards Russian hackers weren’t new to Shchyhol, nor to the individuals he oversees as a part of the Derzhspetszviazok, also called the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection. Before invading Ukraine on February 24, Russia had been testing the defenses of Ukraine’s cybersecurity. Mostly it was persistent, low-level assaults, however one bigger assault was launched on January 14, when Russia focused greater than 20 Ukrainian authorities establishments. The assault, designed to disrupt government-linked web sites, leached out into the broader Ukrainian web. “We also identified that around 90 websites were not accessible as a result of that attack,” says Shchyhol. “The goal of the Russian hackers was to sow panic among the Ukrainian population, and to demonstrate to the outside world that Ukraine is a weak state that couldn’t handle the attacks,” he says. This is why the Derzhspetszviazok rushed to relaunch the websites affected. “The longest it took us for one site was close to one week,” he says. “No data was lost, and the outcome of this attack was more psychological warfare.”


When Russian troopers started intruding into Ukraine’s bodily territory, the assaults in our on-line world stepped up. For a full month, Russia focused communications nodes, media, logistics, and railways, says Shchyhol. “At that time, there were lots of civilians—noncombatant Ukrainians fleeing to safer places,” he provides. “That’s why the goal of those attacks was to disrupt the work of communications lines, and railways in particular.”

We’re now within the third stage of Russia’s cyberwar towards Ukraine, says Shchyhol—one which’s ongoing and perpetrated “mostly against civilian infrastructure: utilities and companies that render services to civilians, since they failed to destroy in the second phase our communication lines and our ability to keep people abreast of what’s going on.” Russia’s digital struggle playbook is much like its bodily warfare technique, says the cybersecurity chief. “Our attitude remains the same,” he says. “We treat them as criminals trying to destroy our country, invading it on the land but also trying to disrupt and destroy our lifestyle in cyberspace. And our job is to help defend our country.”

Ukraine’s protection of its cyber property has shocked some, who feared Russia’s much-hyped hacker military may shortly wipe out the nation digitally—simply as many within the worldwide group nervous Russia’s floor invasion was a foregone conclusion. But Vladimir Putin has already performed his hand relating to cyberattacks, says Shchyhol, and Ukraine realized classes. A 2017 assault launched by Russia utilizing the NotPetya virus decimated the nation—and broke out into the broader world, inflicting chaos wherever it unfold. “Afterward, there was a couple of years when they were quiet,” says Shchyhol. “We recognized that’s because they were getting themselves prepared for more active attacks against our country, so we used that pause time to get ourselves prepared for the potential attacks.” Ukraine’s success in repelling the worst of Russia’s cyberattacks in 2022 demonstrates nicely how a lot the nation analyzed and realized from earlier skirmishes, says the cyber chief.


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