Putting the “Bat” in Fight: Ten Adrenaline-Fueled Stories

There’s one excellent cause why of all the characters in the DC Universe, Batman has the biggest variety of followers. It’s not essentially his backstory, or his character, and even his iconography. No. The secret sauce of Batman is his versatility. Whether you need a mind-twisting detective story or a deep exploration of the psyche, Batman’s your man.

Sometimes, nonetheless, all you actually need out of a comic book is blood-pumping, whiz-bang motion. Guess what? Batman’s obtained you lined there too. Now accessible as a hardcover graphic novel, acclaimed Batman artist Jock turns that motion dial all the approach clockwise together with his DC Black Label restricted collection Batman: One Dark Knight. But be warned! Once you’ve completed the ebook and your adrenaline’s pumping, you’re going to wish extra. More motion! More suspense! More skull-rattling punches to the jaw! So, specifically curated for the bravest and boldest of readers, listed here are ten full-throttle alternatives that ought to be simply what the Crime Doctor ordered.

Tales of the Demon

In the Nineteen Seventies, Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams modified Batman’s world endlessly. While granting the Dark Knight a depth of character the likes of which he’d by no means earlier than been afforded, O’Neil and Adams heightened the drama and intrigue additional nonetheless by granting Batman a nemesis who would persistently take him past Gotham’s metropolis limits and completely elevate the stakes: the world ecoterrorist, Ra’s al Ghul.

Taking heavy cues from up to date spy motion pictures, Batman’s globetrotting marketing campaign to thwart the League of Assassins introduced a brand new type of motion for longtime Batman readers, and it nonetheless holds as much as today. These tales had been first collected in hardcover in the Nineteen Nineties, however you may comply with this Seventies Saga your self in Detective Comics #411, Batman #232, #235, #240, #242-#244, and Detective Comics #485 and #489-490.


Just as Batman: One Dark Knight takes place throughout a single, taxing night time of Batman’s profession, this primary a part of the eponymous “Knightfall” trilogy equally pushes the Bat to the brink. When the new super-villain Bane arrives in Gotham, he exams his chosen foe by orchestrating a large Arkham Asylum breakout—one which takes Batman hither and yon throughout Gotham to deal with simultaneous threats from every of his most infamous foes. As daybreak approaches, Batman learns the arduous approach that even he has his limits…and, infamously, breaks.

Brotherhood of the Fist

The ’90s and early 2000s had been a first-rate interval for martial arts motion in the DC Universe, and no author relied as closely on the artwork of the battle scene to convey the motion dwelling than the prolific Chuck Dixon. In 1998, Dixon weaved collectively all of his writing duties at the time—Detective Comics, Nightwing, Robin and Green Arrow—to inform one interconnected story of a martial arts cult conspiracy, resolving in a climactic battle between two of DC’s most legendary fighters: Connor Hawke and Lady Shiva. 

Selina’s Big Score

For one in every of the motion style’s most delectable flavors, it’s a must to search out Catwoman. We converse, in fact, of the heist. The meeting of the crew, the delightfully intelligent plan, the erupting chaos when all of it goes sideways and the improvised bolt to the end with no matter you may seize. It’s a method that by no means actually will get outdated, and no person in the DC Universe does it higher than Selina Kyle. It’s a narrative you’ll discover all through all of the Catwoman titles, however the gold customary stays Darwyn Cooke’s 94-page Catwoman: Selina’s Big Score. It’s an virtually elemental story which has supplied a blueprint for each Catwoman author and artist since, getting the artwork of the steal all the way down to a science. We do not know why this comedian isn’t a film but.

Batgirl (2000)

Meet Cassandra Cain, the neurodivergent baby of assassins, skilled from beginning to be the deadliest fighter on the planet. But after only one mission, Cassandra discovered for herself first-hand the lesson that her father by no means taught her: what it means to kill. Cassandra runs from her outdated life and will get taken in by Barbara Gordon to make use of her abilities to serve a larger objective—as the new Batgirl.

With a script by martial arts fanatic Kelley Puckett and the extremely kinetic artwork of Damion Scott, this twenty-year-old quantity stays one in every of the most action-oriented books beneath the shadow of the bat. In Batgirl, Cassandra Cain proves each challenge that she might not kill, however she doesn’t lose.

Red Hood: The Lost Days

The story of Jason Todd’s revenge in Batman: Under the Hood sits close to the prime of each listing of important Batman tales. But this companion piece by the identical creator is a heroic effort in filling the gaps, taking us from Jason’s resurrection to his return to Gotham City. Here, the revived Jason embarks on a darkish reflection of Bruce Wayne’s personal journey to turning into Batman, rife with love, loss, revenge, motorbike chases, gunfights and explosions—heaps and many explosions—all of which serve for example how this road child with a coronary heart of gold may develop into one in every of Gotham’s coldest killers till later tales would present him a approach again.


While Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams made the spy movie inspirations for his or her Batman tales no secret, Tom King, Tim Seeley and Mikel Janín’s Grayson is a straight-up spy comedian. This 2014 collection enlists a dead-to-the-world Dick Grayson as Batman’s mole in Spyral, a global tremendous spy group with clandestine objectives. All the romance, intrigue and suaveness you’d anticipate from a spy story are right here on show for daring readers, with a lead considerably out of his depths who could also be at occasions shaken, however by no means stirred.

All-Star Batman

Coming off a five-year run exploring the depths of Bruce Wayne in 2011’s Batman, Scott Snyder was prepared to chop free and have slightly enjoyable. Such was the dictum for All-Star Batman, a collection which all the time put motion and journey first at a visually eye-popping scale. The debut story, which took Batman and an attempting-to-reform Harvey Dent on a lethal street journey, units up the unlikely pair towards a cadre of killers beneath contract from—who else?—Two-Face’s personal worst half. As the vans roar and the bullets fly, an emphasis on spectacle emerges right here which might come into full bloom in Snyder’s later action-heavy opus, Dark Nights: Metal. The thematic lacking hyperlink between the Court of Owls and the Batman Who Laughs lies right here.

Deathstroke vs. Batman

Ask most hardcore DC followers about their dream bouts—the two characters they most wish to see go head-to-head—and it received’t be lengthy in any respect earlier than two names in explicit rise to the prime: Batman, the world’s most outstanding martial hero, and Deathstroke, the world’s biggest murderer.

Right in the center of an epic fifty-issue Deathstroke run, author Christopher Priest indulged this need together with his Deathstroke vs. Batman “series-within-a-series.” With a query of Damian’s parentage catalyzing the occasion, Batman and Deathstroke conflict again and again in a approach that solely true equals of the highest caliber can convey out in one another, whereas exploring what makes every an inverted mirror of the different. Priest asks us, does Deathstroke function with impunity solely as a result of Batman permits him to? Or is it the different approach round?

Robin (2021)

Written by Joshua Williamson with artwork by Gleb Malinkov and Roger Cruz, the just lately wrapped Robin collection represents the fullest return to DC’s action-heavy ’90s period that we’ve seen up to now. But extra so than spy tales, heist tales, and even martial arts tales, Robin’s influences are clearly drawn from Japanese battle manga like Dragon Ball, Naruto and My Hero Academia.

In the story, Damian Wayne finds his option to an island ruled by the “League of Lazarus” the place the lifeless are immediately introduced again to life. What higher approach to make use of such a useful resource, then, than to carry a consequence-free, no-holds-barred event to the dying between the world’s biggest fighters? This bona fide, unashamed event arc of a comic book offers the youngest Robin some new associates, new enemies, a brand new girlfriend and the most fun battles he’s ever confronted. Believe it!

All that ought to be sufficient to satiate even the most determined of adrenaline hounds. But if it’s nonetheless not sufficient, by no means concern. While the tales of DC superheroes could also be numerous, it’s by no means too lengthy earlier than one other unabashed action-packed curler coaster hits the stands. See you in the comedian retailers, thrill junkies.

Batman: One Dark Knight by Jock is now accessible in bookstores, comedian retailers, libraries and as a digital graphic novel.

Alex Jaffe is the creator of our month-to-month “Ask the Question” column and writes about TV, motion pictures, comics and superhero historical past for DCComics.com. Follow him on Twitter at @AlexJaffe and discover him in the DC Community as HubCityQuestion.

NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in this function are solely these of Alex Jaffe and don’t essentially mirror these of DC Entertainment or Warner Bros.


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