Making a Dent: Twenty-two Facts About Two-Face

Batman – One Bad Day: Two-Face has been out for 2 days now. (See what we did there?) Written by Mariko Tamaki, who’s taking up a villain she by no means acquired to whereas writing Detective Comics, and drawn by Javier Fernandez, it provides a probability to get to know the D.A.-turned crimelord in a approach you by no means have earlier than. To delve into the tragedy that altered a once-promising champion of justice into one among Gotham’s most infamous gangsters.

The query of whether or not you must choose up this highly effective new one-shot shouldn’t be a coin flip. After all, Two-Face is among the most fascinating rogues in Batman’s gallery. Don’t imagine us? Well, maybe we will change your thoughts in a method that Harvey Dent may recognize. Here are twenty-two little identified details in regards to the curiously conflicted felony referred to as Two-Face.

1) When Two-Face first appeared in Detective Comics #66, his actual identify was Harvey “Apollo” Kent. He saved the Kent surname for his subsequent few appearances, till it was modified to Harvey Dent in 1948’s Batman #50. The change was doubtless performed to keep away from confusion with a sure mild-mannered Metropolis reporter. This was later used as a plot level in Superman Family #211 when Earth-Two’s Lois Lane mistakenly believed that one among Harvey Kent’s enemies was concentrating on her husband.       

2) The very first Two-Face story was really (and really fittingly) a two-parter. Detective Comics #66 ended on a cliffhanger, however the decision to the story was revealed in Detective Comics #68, skipping Detective Comics #67 totally. In different phrases, the story continued TWO points later.

3) Two-Face’s well-known double-headed coin initially belonged to Boss Maroni. Harvey Dent used the coin as proof throughout Maroni’s trial, which enraged the mobster, inflicting him to scar Dent. In some methods, this makes Two-Face’s coin partially chargeable for his existence. Other variations of continuity current the coin as a possession of Dent’s father, with which he abused younger Harvey.

4) Two-Face’s first crime was financial institution theft. Because his coin landed on the nice facet, he donated the stolen cash to the native orphanage. Early Two-Face tales would have Harvey utilizing stolen loot for charitable functions, however this angle was dropped in later appearances.

5) If you haven’t been protecting observe, Two-Face’s scarring is on the left facet of his face. Batman was as soon as capable of spot an imposter framing Harvey Dent as a result of they put their scars on the correct facet by mistake (this was in Detective Comics #187).

6) In 1946, the Batman newspaper strips revealed their very own model of Two-Face’s origin, with a few twists. This model of the character was a immodest actor named Harvey Apollo who was scarred by a gangster he was testifying towards. Most of the story performs out the identical approach, besides Two-Face by accident kills himself by tripping over his coin and being hung after falling into some hanging wires.

7) A plastic surgeon named Dr. Albert Ekhart was capable of briefly repair Harvey Dent’s face on TWO separate events. The first was in 1943’s Detective Comics #80, and that treatment lasted till an explosive machine detonated close to Harvey’s face ten years later in 1953’s Batman #81. Ekhart tried to repair Harvey’s face once more in Batman #328-329, but it surely didn’t take. Interestingly, Albert Ekhart’s identify is much like Aaron Eckhart, the actor who performed Two-Face in Christopher Nolan’s 2008 movie The Dark Knight.

8) A number of different males have assumed the Two-Face id over time. There was Dent’s butler Wilkins (1948’s Batman #50), an actor named Paul Sloane (1951’s Batman #68) and an exhibition supervisor named George Blake (Detective Comics #187).

9) Two-Face wasn’t at all times a common member of Batman’s rogues gallery. After showing in 1953’s Batman #81, Two-Face was absent from the Bat-Books till 1971’s Batman #234. In true Two-Face vogue, he was TWO years away from a TWO decade absence.

10) During Two-Face’s prolonged absence, a potion from a mad scientist turned Batman into Two-Face in World’s Finest #173. Unsurprisingly, this then would go on to occur a second time…kind of. It appeared that the Dark Knight had as soon as once more become Two-Face in 1982’s Detective Comics #513, however the Caped Crusader was simply utilizing make-up to catch Harvey off-guard psychologically.         

11) Famed author Harlan Ellison wrote a story therapy for an episode of the 1966 Batman collection that may have featured Two-Face. The episode was by no means produced, however in 2014, Len Wein and Jose Luis Garcia Lopez turned that therapy into a comedian. Check out Batman ’66: The Lost Episode if you wish to see what would have occurred if Adam West’s Caped Crusader fought Two-Face.

12) In addition to Ellison’s misplaced episode, Warner Brothers Animation introduced a second model of Batman ’66’s Two-Face within the animated film Batman vs. Two-Face. William Shatner voiced Harvey Dent, and listening to him work together with Adam West’s Batman (in his closing efficiency because the Caped Crusader) is as superb as you possibly can think about.

13) Green Arrow is the primary non-Gotham hero that Two-Face battled. Dent encountered the Emerald Archer in The Brave and the Bold #106.

14) Joker is the primary super-villain Two-Face encountered (Batman #258) and the primary one he additionally teamed up with (The Brave and the Bold #129-130).

15) Two-Face teamed up with the Justice League to struggle off a group of invading aliens in 1975’s Justice League of America #125-126. The Flash warned everybody that Two-Face would betray them, which he naturally did. Thankfully, the aliens have been defeated regardless of Dent’s double-cross.

16) For a time, the Teen Titan referred to as Harlequin tricked the superhero group into believing she was Two-Face’s daughter Duela Dent. It seems Harvey by no means had a daughter, and it was revealed that Duela made the entire thing up (Tales of the Teen Titans #50), however that also doesn’t clarify why Two-Face went alongside along with her backstory in 1977’s Teen Titans #48. Maybe Two-Face sensed potential in having a cohort named “Harlequin.”

17) In DC Super-Stars #14, it was revealed that Maroni had really been aiming his acid at a cop named David Davis. Subsequent retellings of Two-Face’s origin (like Batman: The Long Halloween) have dropped this angle.

18) Harvey ultimately acquired his revenge towards Maroni—twice! Salvatore Maroni seemingly died after a confrontation with Two-Face in DC Super-Stars #14, but it surely was later revealed that he survived and had change into bodily disabled. In retaliation, Maroni murdered Gilda Dent’s new husband Dave Stevens, enraging Two-Face, who murdered Maroni “for a second time” in Batman #328-239.

19) Billy Dee Williams, who was well-known for taking part in a two-faced good friend in a common area opera, was forged as District Attorney Harvey Dent in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman movie. In 2017, Williams was given a SECOND probability on the position when he supplied the voice for Two-Face in The Lego Batman Movie.

20) In Batman: The Animated Series, Two-Face and Poison Ivy have been briefly a couple! Before turning into Two-Face, District Attorney Harvey Dent was planning on proposing to Pamela Isley, unaware that she was going to poison him in retaliation for his crimes towards nature. This breakup made subsequent super-villain get-togethers (just like the traditional “Almost Got ‘Im”) awkward.

21) In “Batman: Hush,” Tommy Elliot restores Harvey Dent’s face, giving the previous district legal professional sufficient readability to resign his lifetime of crime. For a time frame, Dent turned one among Batman’s biggest allies. The Dark Knight even tasked Dent with watching over Gotham for a full yr whereas he took a journey world wide. Unfortunately Dent’s demons returned, inflicting him to scar himself and change into Two-Face once more (”Face the Face”).

22) During the All-Star Batman storyline “My Own Worst Enemy,” it was revealed that Harvey has been conscious of the Dark Knight’s secret id for a while.

Batman – One Bad Day: Two-Face by Mariko Tamaki, Javier Fernandez and Jordie Bellaire is now accessible in print and as a digital comedian e book.

Joshua Lapin-Bertone writes about TV, films and comics for, is a common contributor to the Couch Club and writes our month-to-month Batman column, “Gotham Gazette.” Follow him on Twitter at @TBUJosh.


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