MultiVersus: How Much Prep Time Would Batman Need to Win?

Throughout the hallowed halls of fandom and the web, each dialog about who Batman might beat in a combat all the time comes down to the identical query: “How much prep time does he have?”

This is as a result of it’s largely accepted by followers that with the suitable period of time to put together, the Dark Knight, grasp strategist that he’s, might muster the ways and assets to win any battle. With the primary season of the multiplayer MultiVersus preventing sport underway, we determined to put that idea to the take a look at in opposition to the sport’s present accessible roster. How a lot time would it not take Batman to put together for victory in opposition to every of them? Let’s discover out!


Harley Quinn

As one of many common rogues in Batman’s gallery since 1992, Batman already comes ready for Harley Quinn on a second’s discover. Just as a result of she’s semi-reformed recently doesn’t imply he isn’t prepared for her to break a mallet out in opposition to him on a whim. Batman’s bested Harley many occasions earlier than, and he is aware of the routine to do it once more.

Prep Time: None wanted


How do we all know Batman’s nonetheless ready for Harley, even when she’s not hanging off the Joker’s arm anymore? Because he’s nonetheless all the time ready for his greatest pal. Given the sheer variety of alternate realities the place Superman turns unhealthy, Batman all the time comes ready for the Man of Steel with a piece of Kryptonite—whether or not it’s a hoop in his utility belt or a laced piece of gum in his mouth. And but, Batman vs. Superman can be a warfare of attrition. Batman could have the minerals to take down Superman, however hey, so does Lex Luthor and Big Blue’s nonetheless up within the sky. DC’s different main preventing sport franchise, Injustice: Gods Among Us, gave us an actual timetable for Batman’s victory, and that’s what we’re sticking to right here.

Prep Time: 5 years

Wonder Woman

The downside right here is that each time Batman pretty fights Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman wins. She did it in Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia, she did it in JLA: A League of One, she did it in Dark Nights: Death Metal. To acquire no matter gear or perception is required to defeat Diana of Themyscira, Batman would have to embark on a very Homeric odyssey earlier than confronting the residing Greek fable. If you’re a scholar of Greek mythology, you would possibly already see the place we’re going with this: the standard-issue size of any unimaginable quest to appease and even greatest the gods, whether or not you’re speaking about The Iliad or The Odyssey, comes down to the identical arduous time. To reliably put together for an enemy like Wonder Woman, we’d anticipate no much less from Batman than the gods demanded of Odysseus.

Prep Time: 10 years


Batman could all the time be ready, however he can’t see the long run. Garnet, de facto chief of the Crystal Gems, can. But if Steven Universe has taught us something, it’s that undoing an enemy requires an emotional attraction. To really perceive Garnet sufficient to defuse her—actually—he’d want to perceive the present she comes from. Or a minimum of the gist of it, with the correct curation of episodes. Garnet’s core elements, Ruby and Amethyst, seem individually in simply over ten of episodes by means of the sequence. (I do know, it looks like extra, proper?) It Batman optimizes his time, it gained’t take lengthy for him to get a way of what drives Garnet aside, even when she sees it coming.

Prep Time: 2 hours

Steven Universe

As viewers of Steven Universe know, one of the best ways to resolve your variations with Steven is thru the facility of music. Luckily, as a result of episodes sometimes run round eleven minutes, these emotionally shifting songs have a tendency to be on the brief facet. Batman’s a fairly fast examine, so we predict it will solely take him one time by means of to be taught his cues. Once that’s over, Steven’s a pal for all times and prepared to be fitted for a Robin costume. Good information, Batman, this one’s received self-healing powers!

Prep Time: 90 seconds



Norville “Shaggy” Rogers, as we encounter him in MultiVersus, has been gifted with intimidating energy by means of unlikely circumstances. But even on this agitated state, the way in which to Shaggy’s coronary heart stays his abdomen. Cooking has by no means been one in every of Batman’s robust fits, however a well-timed meals supply (or maybe a few of Alfred’s legendary finger sandwiches) will assure him the win.

Prep Time: half-hour or it’s free


As the brains behind Mystery Incorporated, Velma Dinkley is an apparent Batman fangirl. Because the 2 have paired up a number of occasions prior to now, Batman’s profiling work is already completed right here. It’s all the time the identical story: she does all of the work and on the finish of the evening, the canine will get the credit score. Just somewhat of the popularity she’s been lengthy denied may have Velma prepared to change sides. The solely downside? Batman may have to spend a while practising how to give a praise within the mirror.

Prep Time: Like 5 extra minutes tops, after which Robin actually wants to use the toilet, he’s critical


Arya Stark

When you’re itemizing off the best Game of Thrones characters, it is arduous not to put Arya Stark on the prime. A shapeshifter, a grasp murderer and a terror with a sword. But Batman’s fought Clayface. He’s fought Deathstroke. And he’s fought Ra’s al Ghul. And he’s beat all of them. There’s no type that Arya can take that might give Batman pause. Well, perhaps his mom. But even then, Arya’s medieval coaching hasn’t ready her for something like a Bat-Taser.

Prep Time: None

Jake the Dog

Jake is among the strongest characters at the moment within the MultiVersus roster, which is saying one thing in a lineup that features Superman. But whereas Jake’s stretching and shapeshifting skills are nearly limitless, he’s nonetheless ready to really feel ache. And with Batman’s legendary information on his closest allies, there’s doubtless greater than sufficient munition in his information on Plastic Man and Elongated Man to beat Jake. This one’s only a matter of heading down to the Batcomputer, collating information and formulating a workable technique.

Prep Time: quarter-hour, or an hour if Robin is downloading Minecraft mods once more



Finn the Human

Another cool teen with a cool sword. You’re good, Finn Mertons, however you’re not Batman good.

Prep Time: He’s received this





The Iron Giant

Hmm… okay, no downside. Just give him somewhat time to cobble a large enough electromagnetic pulse collectively. This’ll work.

Prep Time: One day, perhaps two with delivery




Tom & Jerry

A typical Tom & Jerry cartoon is about six or seven minutes lengthy. If you bought up to get a drink when the opening credit begin, they’re already making an attempt to kill one another by the point you get again to your seat. Bruce can put on his Batman Returns swimsuit to this one, he wins it with out even making a transfer.

Prep Time: Like 30 seconds



LeBron James

LeBron is an intimidating power out on the court docket, however large males make large targets. There are not any refs to name foul in MultiVersus when Batman hits you with an Arkham-style takedown assault, or when he deflates the basketball you utilize to assault with a well-placed batarang. If this have been the NBA playoffs it may be a special story, however the MultiVersus enviornment is Batman’s home.

Prep Time: 24 second shot clock



As an authentic character to MultiVersus, Reindog is the least recognized amount on this free-for-all. Even the Batcomputer’s prodigious information have little information on this legendary determine, apart from his allegiance to the misplaced kingdom of Zanifeer and his formidable gem of energy. On the opposite hand, gem-based energy isn’t unparalleled within the DC Universe. Just ask Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld, or Eclipso of the Black Diamond. However, it’s not finding out magic that’s going to give Batman the sting. Here, Batman’s victory is assured by means of his affinity with animals. It shouldn’t take him longer than a typical canine obedience course for the abilities to deliver Reindog to heel.

Prep Time: 6 weeks


As the grandson and frequent companion of essentially the most infamous mad scientist within the multiverse, Morty Smith has borne witness to terror past the void that may even give Batman nightmares. He’s confirmed able to unimaginable bravery and resourcefulness when deserted by his grandpa Rick to fend for himself. But overlook all that, as a result of Morty remains to be simply a youngster, and Batman is Batman. Batman’s repute precedes him. As an observer of the multiverse, Morty will know higher than to strive preventing a person whose extra violent incarnations pop ribs in his enemies like crab legs at a seafood dinner. In this case, it can have been Morty who’s performed the prep for this combat, and he’ll be ready to give up.

Prep Time: None


Gremlins are fairly straightforward to cope with if you know the way. All it actually takes is a sunny day. Heck, if daylight is unavailable, even a powerful flashlight is okay. The solely downside right here is that Batman’s not significantly properly versed in popular culture. Despite the centerpiece of his Batcave being a tyrannosaurus rex, he as soon as admitted to Green Lantern that he was unfamiliar with Jurassic Park. Batman has what he wants in his utility belt to defeat Gizmo, however earlier than the combat, begins he ought to in all probability a minimum of see the primary film.

Prep Time: 1 hour, 46 minutes



Very related to the technique for taking down Tom & Jerry. Batman’s simply received to perch himself on a gargoyle and let the poor sucker tire himself out from all of the spinning.

Prep Time: 3 seconds to spot an appropriately shadowy vantage level. (Heck, in all probability not even that. This is Batman’s bread and butter.)


Bugs Bunny

There’s completely nothing Batman can do to put together for Bugs Bunny. The extra significantly he takes this combat, the extra analysis he does, the extra he’ll discover himself hoisted upon his personal petard. Batman has all of the qualities of self-righteousness and rigidity, which make him the proper foil to the Wascally Wabbit, setting the Dark Knight up for divine failure, maybe set to the tones of a classical opera like so many Fudds and Yosemites earlier than him.

Prep Time: Not sufficient time within the woyld. What a sap. What a maroon.

That’s about how we see it for the sport’s present roster, however MultiVersus is all the time increasing. Gizmo’s fellow gremlin Stripe, the mighty Black Adam and Rick Sanchez (woof, good luck on that one, buddy) are all on their method to the battlefield. The excellent news? Batman—and also you—have loads of time to put together.

MultiVersus, the free-to-play platform fighter from Warner Bros. Games and Player First Games, is now accessible on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. For extra data on how one can get in on the motion, click on right here.

Alex Jaffe is the writer of our month-to-month “Ask the Question” column and writes about TV, motion pictures, comics and superhero historical past for Follow him on Twitter at @AlexJaffe and discover him within the DC Community as HubCityQuestion.

NOTE: The views and opinions expressed on this characteristic are solely these of Alex Jaffe and don’t essentially mirror these of DC Entertainment or Warner Bros.


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