Biden and Xi need to resume Taiwan talks, think tank says  

A gathering between Biden and Xi on the upcoming G-20 Summit in November is on the playing cards, and that will be alternative for the U.S. and China to begin reengaging with one another, an analyst mentioned.

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The United States and China need to reopen dialogue over the Taiwan challenge — however such a dialog ought to happen discreetly, an analyst mentioned.

The two superpowers are at the moment enjoying a “blame game” with one another, and dialogue wants to be reestablished, mentioned Paul Haenle, who holds the Maurice R. Greenberg director’s chair on the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Cross-strait tensions between China and Taiwan have develop into “increasingly dangerous” ever since U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan go to in early August, he added. 

Pelosi visited Taiwan regardless of China’s repeated warnings, prompting Beijing to launch army drills within the seas and airspaces across the island and fireplace ballistic missiles over Taipei in August.

On high of that, China introduced in the identical month that it had shelved army and local weather talks with the United States. 

Taiwan is a self-ruled democracy, however Beijing considers the island a part of its territory and a breakaway province.

“The Chinese have pulled down the dialogue in the aftermath of Pelosi’s visit. I would argue, frankly, you got to open it up,” Haenle mentioned.

But U.S. President Biden and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping need to keep away from a public negotiation over the Taiwan challenge, he added, “because when you put things out in the public, and you point to the other side and you criticize and blame, it only works to dig in that side even further.”

“This has to happen at the highest level between political leaders and it has to happen in quiet discreet channels.”

Widening rift

China’s actions over Pelosi’s journey had been an “overreaction,” and its aggressive stance towards Taiwan continues to be a “major problem,” Nicholas Burns, U.S. ambassador to Beijing mentioned on Thursday on the Milken Institute Asia Summit in Singapore.

“We’ve had a median line in the Taiwan Strait for 68 years, [and] it’s really kept the peace. And they tried to erase that. We’re actually concerned that the party trying to change policy here now is Beijing. And we’ve warned them that we won’t agree to that, [and] we don’t accept it,” he added.

China’s Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu advised Chinese media in August that the U.S. and its allies are those overreacting.

“The US and its allies often come to the adjacent waters of China, flexing muscles and stirring up troubles. They conduct up to a hundred military exercises each year. They, instead of someone else, are the ones that overreact and escalate the situation,” Ma mentioned.

Nevertheless, Burns mentioned the United States hasn’t modified its place on Taiwan and continues to be dedicated to the “One China” coverage. 

“I actually don’t think the Chinese have any misunderstanding of U.S. policy. They don’t agree with our policy, but we’ve been clear about the “One China” policy,” Burns mentioned. 

Though not one of the three desires to see a army battle erupt, the viewpoints of the United States, China, and Taiwan are frequently “diverging, not converging,” Haenle mentioned. 

Meeting at G-20? 

However, a gathering between Biden and Xi on the upcoming G-20 Summit in November is on the playing cards, and that will be alternative for the U.S. and China to begin reengaging with one another, Haenle mentioned.

“I think at a minimum they need to have a conversation and get a sense of what steps each side is taking that’s causing the other side the greatest concern,” he added.

“They need to … look each other in the eye and have those conversations. They’re difficult conversations.” 


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