Safety Concerns with Tea Tree Oil?

What, if any, are the caveats for tea tree oil use and recommendations on protected storage?

Is tea tree oil poisonous? That’s the subject of my video, Is Tea Tree Oil Safe?. “Anecdotal evidence…suggests that the topical use of the oil is relatively safe, and that adverse events are minor, self-limiting and occasional.” Published knowledge, nevertheless, add some caveats: It may be “toxic if ingested in higher doses and can also cause skin irritation at higher concentrations.”

Normally, tea tree oil reduces pores and skin irritation. Researchers injected histamine into the pores and skin of 27 volunteers, the equal of getting bitten by a hearth ant. The software of tea tree oil considerably decreased the related swelling and discoloration—the massive, crimson, swollen mark. As you may see within the graph beneath and at 0:45 in my video, the swelling and discoloration continues to worsen after software of a placebo oil, earlier than lastly starting to relax at round 40 minutes. If you apply half of a single drop of pure tea tree oil at 20 minutes, although, it stops the irritation in its tracks and it instantly begins to get higher.

Some individuals are delicate to tea tree oil, nevertheless, and it could possibly set off a rash, as you may see beneath and at 1:07 in my video. This is comparatively uncommon, although, with solely about 1 p.c of older youngsters or adults having such a response. None of the 40 youthful youngsters examined had a response, which is sweet, since tea tree oil could also be present in about 5 p.c of diaper wipes and lotions.

When they do happen, “most reactions are caused by the application of pure oil,” so there are suggestions to maintain the focus of tea tree oil merchandise utilized to the pores and skin underneath 1 p.c. “Moreover, manufacturers were advised to consider the use of antioxidants and/or specific packaging [such as dark bottles] to minimize exposure to light,” as aged oxidized oils usually tend to induce allergic reactions. Hundreds of various elements have been recognized in tea tree oil, however the composition adjustments when the oil is uncovered to air, mild, humidity, and better temperatures. “With increasing age, the oil develops a green-brownish colour, the viscosity changes, and the smell becomes turpentine-like.” These are all unhealthy indicators.

Even “fresh” tea tree oil shouldn’t be ingested, although. Two hours earlier than arriving on the pediatric vital care unit, a four-year-old’s “mother had given him approximately 2 teaspoons of 100% pure tea tree oil,” and, inside half-hour, he had bother strolling and shortly thereafter fell right into a coma. It was famous that the tea tree oil was in a bottle “without a childproof cap,” however it didn’t matter on this case as a result of the cap wasn’t mother-proof both.

Similar instances have been reported at even lower than two teaspoons, although the reported grownup poisoning instances have tended to contain bigger doses. Thankfully, no human deaths attributable to tea tree oil have been reported, although it has been implicated within the deaths of pets when used inappropriately, equivalent to making an attempt to deal with fleas. “Cats in particular are at risk because of their habit of licking their fur.”

In people, although, it seems that tea tree oil can be utilized safely “by avoiding ingestion, applying only diluted oil topically and using oil that has been stored correctly.”

What concerning the studies of gynecomastia (irregular breast improvement) amongst younger boys uncovered to tea tree oil? That’s the topic of my video Does Tea Tree Oil Have Hormonal Side Effects?.


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