Tea Tree Oil and Hormonal Side Effects

Do the estrogenic results of tea tree oil get absorbed by means of the pores and skin?

Concern has been raised a couple of “possible link between gynecomastia, topical lavender, and tea tree oil.” As I talk about in my video Does Tea Tree Oil Have Hormonal Side Effects?, gynecomastia is the irregular growth of breast tissue. (You can see a photograph at 0:14 in my video.) You could recall that I’ve talked about lavender earlier than, however what about tea tree oil?

It all began with a case collection printed in The New England Journal of Medicine. The researchers described three younger boys in whom breast development “coincided with the topical application of products that contained lavender and tea tree oils.” How do we all know the merchandise had been responsible? “Gynecomastia resolved in each patient shortly after the use of products containing these oils was discontinued. Furthermore, studies in human cell lines indicated that the two oils had estrogenic and antiandrogenic activities,” that’s, pro-female and anti-male hormone actions. The researchers concluded that “repeated topical exposure to lavender and tea tree oils probably caused prepubertal gynecomastia in these boys.”

A tea tree oil firm consultant identified that “only one of three boys (Patient 2) was exposed to any amount of tea tree oil,” whereas all three topics had been uncovered to lavender oil. So, lavender oil could have been responsible in all three instances. How did the researchers reply? “There may be a valid argument that it was the lavender oil that caused the gynecomastia. However, the tea tree oil had activity similar to that of lavender oil with respect to the in vitro estrogenic and antiandrogenic effects.”

Let me stroll you thru that. As you possibly can see under within the graph and at 1:24 in my video, when you drip a tiny quantity of estrogen on human breast most cancers cells in a petri dish, you possibly can spike their development greater than twelve-fold. If you add an estrogen blocker together with the estrogen, although, it abolishes the impact. But, including rising quantities of tea tree oil to the breast most cancers cells causes their development to extend. The cause we all know it’s an estrogenic impact is as a result of the expansion decreases while you add the estrogen blocker. This seems to be fairly convincing, however natural proponents argue that “in vitro testing alone is not adequate grounds for indicting traditionally used products and may raise public fear.”

The Tea Tree Oil Industry Association particularly argued “that only 3 of more than 100 compounds” of pure tea tree really make it by means of the pores and skin, so the researchers ought to have simply measured the hormonal results of these three compounds—which they did later that 12 months.

As you possibly can see within the graph and at 2:25 in my video, dripping rising concentrations of entire tea tree oil on breast most cancers cells in a petri dish can improve their development when in comparison with an oil with no estrogenic impact, like eucalyptus oil. However, when you solely take a look at the three parts of tea tree oil that truly make it into your bloodstream while you apply them in your pores and skin, none seems to have any estrogenic results. None of the parts that penetrate the pores and skin seems to behave as an estrogen, “neither alone nor in combination,” so you possibly can’t extrapolate the petri dish results of the entire oil to what one would possibly see when it’s utilized on the pores and skin. What you see within the petri dish might not be an identical to what you see in an individual.

This new knowledge led European shopper security officers to conclude that “the hypothesized correction…of gynecomastia to the topical use of Tea Tree Oil is considered implausible.” In truth, if the anti-male hormone parts of tea tree oil stay on the pores and skin, why not use it to deal with ladies who really feel they’re affected by hirsutism, or extreme hairiness? A examine was carried out on such ladies who had been instructed to spray themselves with a dilute lavender/tea tree oil spray versus placebo twice a day, morning and night, on “areas affected by hirsutism” for 3 months. Before and after the remedy, “hairs were taken from four different body areas: chin, chest, thigh and upper arms.” After three months, no change was detected within the hair diameter of the placebo group, as anticipated. But, within the lavender/tea tree oil group, all of the hairs ended up thinner, as you possibly can see within the graph and at 3:46 in my video.

This confirmed that the mixture of lavender and tea tree oils utilized regionally on pores and skin might be efficient in lowering gentle extreme hairiness, doubtlessly representing “a safe, economic, and practical instrument in the cure of this disease.”

For extra data past potential hormonal results, see my video Is Tea Tree Oil Safe?. I proceed so as to add new tea tree movies, so regulate the subject web page.

To be taught extra about lavender particularly, see Lavender for the Treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder.


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