Sabrina AIsenberg Disappeared In 1997 — And She’s Still Missing

After five-month-old Sabrina Aisenberg vanished proper out of her crib in 1997, police suspected her dad and mom Steve and Marlene — then uncovered disturbing proof after they bugged their residence.

somebodies_angel/FlickrSabrina Aisenberg, mere months earlier than her baffling disappearance.

A lacking youngster is a mother or father’s worst nightmare. And Marlene and Steve Aisenberg appeared to undergo that agony after their 5-month-old daughter, Sabrina Aisenberg, disappeared from their Florida residence at the hours of darkness.

But the tangled occasions that adopted within the Aisenberg case are baffling.

On Nov. 23, 1997, Sabrina Aisenberg went lacking from her crib and was by no means to be seen once more. The investigation that adopted, nonetheless, led authorities to imagine that the woman’s dad and mom would possibly seemingly be concerned within the disappearance and the attainable homicide of younger Sabrina. And to this present day, extra questions than solutions stay.

The Disappearance Of Sabrina Aisenberg

It appeared like a standard evening for the Aisenbergs on Nov. 23, 1997. All three youngsters (William, 8, Monica, 4, and Sabrina, 5 months) had been put to mattress by their dad and mom Marlene and Steve Aisenberg. They lived in a four-bedroom residence situated in Valrico, Florida, a Hillsborough County neighborhood proper outdoors of Tampa.

However, the subsequent morning was something however regular. Marlene woke her son up first earlier than realizing that the storage door was open. This alarmed Marlene, who instantly went to test on Sabrina in her crib. When she received to her youngest daughter’s bed room, Sabrina was nowhere to be discovered.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Marlene referred to as 911 at 6:42 a.m. on the morning of Nov. 24, 1997. “I need the police,” she advised the operator on the opposite finish. “My baby has been kidnapped.”

The Hillsborough County police arrived on the residence not lengthy after the decision. At the time, it didn’t look like a break-in. The solely factor lacking from the house was younger Sabrina and her yellow blanket.

But when the authorities began looking the house, they thought it was odd that there have been fewer photographs of Sabrina than there have been of the opposite two youngsters. They additionally thought the couple’s demeanor was off — and the tales they advised didn’t all the time match up.

An even larger alarm for the authorities was the video they noticed of Sabrina proper earlier than she disappeared. It appeared as if the younger youngster had bruises on her face and a few of her hair was lacking.

It didn’t take lengthy for the Aisenbergs to understand authorities had been zeroing in on them as attainable suspects for the disappearance. The couple then employed Barry Cohen, a Tampa felony protection lawyer to assist them.

Steve And Marlene Aisenberg Raise Suspicion

Steve And Marlene Aisenberg

ABC 20/20 FacebookSteve And Marlene Aisenberg seem on the information after their 5-month-old daughter’s disappearance.

Two years after Sabrina Aisenberg’s disappearance, the dad and mom had been charged. But not for any connection to their daughter’s whereabouts. Instead, they had been charged with making false statements to authorities.

According to People, the authorities obtained permission from the court docket to watch the Aisenbergs by wiretapping components of their residence. During that point, authorities listened in on the couple for a number of months after Sabrina went lacking, recording round 2,600 conversations.

Once the indictment got here down in 1999, the prosecution stated there have been many incriminating remarks made by the Aisenbergs — particularly one which reportedly got here from Steve, who allegedly admitted to killing his daughter whereas on cocaine.

According to the Washington Post, The most damning components of the indictment had been these fragments of the couple’s conversations secretly recorded by the investigators.

It famous that Marlence was heard telling Steven, “The baby’s dead and buried!” on Dec. 23, 1997.

Marlene reportedly went on to say, “It was found dead because you did it. The baby’s dead no matter what you say — you just did it!”

Steve then responded by referencing a cryptic “family pact” and promising to not change his story when talking with authorities. “We will do what we have to do,” he reportedly stated.

Then on Jan. 21. 1998, maybe most chillingly, Steven was recorded apparently saying, “I wish I hadn’t harmed her.”

The following month, Stephen is heard once more speaking to Marlene asking: “They don’t know the truth, right?”

Marlene responds with “Yeah” and goes on by saying: “So, so, in a way, you know, that means nobody knows what we did, still.”

It sounds damning — however when the protection employed former FBI forensic audio skilled Bruce Koenig to take heed to the tapes, he was’t so certain he heard the identical statements that prosecutors had been zeroing in on.

In February 2001, the prosecution dropped the costs nicely earlier than the trial even began. This was proper after a federal decide decided a few of the recordings had been too arduous to listen to and totally perceive. The decide additionally believed some fragmented recordings may need been taken out of context by the authorities.

An appeals court docket later ordered the federal authorities to pay the Aisenbergs’ protection charges which totaled about $1.5 million.

Where Are Steve And Marlene Aisenberg Today?

Sabrina Aisenberg Age-Progressed Photo

National Center for Missing & Exploited ChildrenAn age-progressed picture displaying what Sabrina Aisenberg would appear to be at age 24.

According to ABC News, the Aisenbergs moved out of Florida in 1999 with their son William and daughter Monica and presently stay in Maryland.

In 2018, in one more baffling flip within the Aisenberg case, two ladies that might be across the identical age as Sabrina got here ahead claiming to be the Aisenbergs’ lacking daughter. But after they took the DNA assessments, the outcomes confirmed neither was a match.

The couple nonetheless has not given up hope for Sabrina’s secure return to them. “I still believe Sabrina is out there,” Steve had stated, in line with the Tampa Bay Times.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children continues to replace an age-enhanced picture of Sabrina to assist present what she might presently appear to be.

Hillsborough sheriff’s officers additionally say the case stays open — and they’re nonetheless trying to find Sabrina. People reported that one of many officers on the case stated, “We are still currently focused on trying to find Sabrina Aisenberg and bring this case to a resolution.”

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