Is coffee healthy or unhealthy, and can it reduce the risk of disease?

A number of benefits may be obtained by individuals who regularly drink coffee.

Is coffee healthy or unhealthy, and can it reduce the risk of disease?

“Yes”, answers Dr. Eric Berg, author of the book “The Diet Plan for the Healthy Keto Diet”, referring to several “studies” that linked coffee with “potential” benefits in reducing some types of cancer and its effect. on blood sugar balance, as well as the presence of a substance called ‘polyphenols‘, which have antioxidant properties and are believed to be the main reason why coffee has a health benefit,” according to Dr. Eric Madrid, certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.

Some Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Madrid, in his article entitled “The history of the benefits of coffee for health”, referred to a series of benefits that regular coffee drinkers can obtain, among which the following stand out: reduces the risk of heart attacks, reduces inflammation in the body and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. In addition to reducing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and inflammation in the liver.

These benefits cannot be obtained by a person who is not committed to a low carbohydrate diet and contains the mineral elements and vitamins that the body needs, because coffee is part of an interconnected food chain, and it is not a pill that has a “miraculous” power that works to heal the body of disease.

Coffee specifications!

coffee specifications

Coffee, too, is beneficial for it to be selected from farms that adopt organic farming, do not use chemical pesticides, and be non-genetically modified. When roasted to a high degree in which the percentage of acidity increases, and the drinker loses their sense of the taste in “coffee”, in addition, the longer the roasting process, the more acrylamide is formed, which is “a chemical that was found in large quantities and surprisingly in starchy foods that are cooked in Temperatures such as chips, bread, toast, and fried potatoes, and it is known that acrylamide causes cancer in animals, and therefore its presence in food may harm human health, “according to what was stated on the website of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority.

Dr. Eric Berg advises that the average daily coffee drink per person should not exceed 300 ml, so as not to cause collateral damage to the body, due to the high concentration of the stimulant “caffeine”.

The best way!

On the other hand, Eric Madrid points out that coffee contains “tannins, which can deplete the body of magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamin B1 and zinc.” For this reason, experts advise against taking vitamins and minerals while drinking coffee, and that there be a time interval, around an hour, between eating meals, specifically those that contain meat, and drinking coffee. , due to the negative effect of the latter. in the body’s absorption of iron and important minerals.

Most people have their morning cup of coffee early, but experts advise not to drink coffee immediately after waking up, and to allow between an hour and an hour and a half so that the effect of the coffee is not adverse, since “caffeine is considered an anti-adenosine”, and “if adenosine accumulates in the blood it causes fatigue”, in addition to “caffeine blocks its receptors, and if the effect of caffeine fades from the coffee that drinks immediately after waking up, adenosine binds to the receptors, so the person feels exhausted and very sleepy, instead of feeling energized.” From here it is better to “wait an hour and a half after waking up, for the adenosine to interact with the receptors and dissipate, and then drink coffee.”

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