Isabeau Levito, 15, wins the US Women’s Figure Skating Championships

Isabeau Levito, 15, won her first US senior title on Friday at the 2023 Toyota US Figure Skating Championships in San Jose, California, setting her personal bests in the free and overall skate.

With the silver medal, Bradie Tennell won her fifth medal at the US Championships at the senior level. Amber Glenn secured bronze, while Starr Andrews became the first black skater to finish on the podium in the senior women’s event at a US championship since 1988.

In the men’s short program, Ilia Malinin began his quest for his first US senior title, setting a personal best to take a 10+ point lead. Jason Brown, who competed in his first meet since the 2022 Winter Olympics, is second.

Here are yesterday’s results:

Championship Men’s Short Program: (Home City/Training City)

1. Ilia Malin, 110.36 (Fairfax, Virginia/Reston, Virginia)

2. Jason Brown, 100.25 (Highland Park, Illinois/Toronto)

3. Tomoki Hiwatashi, 85.43 (Colorado Springs, Colo./Colorado Springs, Colo.)

4. Liam Kapeikis, 82.27 (Blaine, Washington/Richmond, British Columbia)

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