Ukraine desperately needs tanks if it comes under major attack this winter

Republican Michael Cole: One American tank to Ukraine will be enough to encourage the allies.

The Norwegian Army Chief of Staff confirmed that Ukraine is in dire need of tanks if it is subjected to a major attack this winter, while US lawmakers urged, on Sunday, US President Joe Biden’s administration to export (Abrams M1) combat tanks to Ukraine, saying that sending even a symbolic number to Kyiv would be enough to encourage European allies to do the same.

The newly appointed Republican chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Michael McCaul, told ABC’s “This Week” that “just one” Abrams tank would be enough to encourage allies. Especially Germany, to send tanks in support of Ukraine in its fight against Russia.

He added: “Even saying we will introduce Abrams tanks will suffice.”

Ukrainian officials have been pleading with Western allies for months to provide them with modern tanks as their country fends off an all-out Russian invasion.

Britain recently announced that it will supply Ukraine with some 14 Challenger 2 tanks, but the real prize is German Leopard 2 heavy tanks, which Ukraine’s allies are arranging to supply.

Berlin has been under pressure for weeks to send some Leopard tanks to Ukraine, or at least agree to transfer them from other countries.

But it appears that Germany linked the supply of these tanks to the US decision to send Abrams tanks, which was rejected by US officials because the vehicles are complex to maintain.

Democratic Senator Chris Coons told ABC it was time to put those concerns aside

And he promised that “if it is necessary for us to send some Abrams tanks so that it is possible to get Leopard tanks from Germany, Poland, and other allies, I will support it.”

He concluded: “I respect that our military leaders believe that the Abrams (to maintain) are too complex and (to operate) too expensive to be as useful as the Leopard tanks, but we must continue to work with our close allies and move forward On that.

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