What do bees use honey for?

Bees use honey to feed their larvae throughout the year. They transform the nectar of flowers by passing it from mouth to mouth. Then when the honey is ready, they store it in the cells. Bees also make honey to have food reserves for the winter. Because at this season, it’s cold and there are no more flowers to forage outside. The bees stay inside the hive where they maintain a mild temperature. For this, they need to consume the honey stored.

What do bees use honey for?

The beekeeper installs additional frames in the hives. The bees fill the cells of these frames carefully with honey. The beekeeper then harvests this honey, but he must leave enough honey in the hive for the bees to overwinter. Some other important uses of honey by bees include.

  1. Food source: Honey is the main food source of bees and is used to maintain the colony throughout the year. It is rich in sugars that provide energy and nutrition to the bees and is also rich in antioxidants and other essential nutrients.
  2. Winter storage: Bees use honey as a way to store food during the winter months when flowers and other food sources are not available and survive for a while.
  3. Larval feeding: To help grow strong and healthy bees, newly hatched bees are fed a mixture of honey and royal jelly produced by nurse bees.
  4. Feeding the queen bee: To maintain health and productivity, the queen bee is fed a special mixture of honey and royal jelly called royal jelly.
  5. Protection against disease: Honey has antibacterial and antifungal properties that help protect the colony from disease and infection. Bees also produce a sticky substance from the resin and wax of trees. Propolis is used to seal cracks. Hives and protecting them against diseases and predators are used.

Final thought

honey is a vital resource for bees and plays a crucial role in their survival and reproduction. It provides them with the necessary sustenance and energy to maintain their colony and ensure its growth and survival.

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