What’s behind “Kim Kardashian ruined my life”?

If you usually use TikTok, you may have come across videos in recent days whose first claim is a handwritten sign that reads: “Kim Kardashian ruined my life.”

The story behind this phrase, although it has not yet been proven, is quite interesting and has spread quickly on social networks.

What’s behind “Kim Kardashian ruined my life”?

According to what is spread on TikTok, the person behind the poster pointing to the celebrity is David Liebensohn, who claims to be the original author of Kimoji, Kim Kardashian’s app of gifs and emojis with his face, says Sensacine.

In 2015 the app was released, and at the time Kim said it had taken about two years to make it a reality.

But the version of Liebensohn, who has already sued the businesswoman for having taken advantage of her work, is far from that. According to the alleged affected, Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner began communicating with their company in 2013-2014 to negotiate about a brand.

After meeting in person in Calabasas, once they discussed the topic that had brought them together, Liebensohn showed them Kimoji’s idea and, supposedly, they reached a verbal agreement to make it happen.

Liebensohn began working on the project and, days after presenting him with the first concepts for the idea, he received a call from Kim’s legal team asking if he had already registered Kimoji and offering his experience to do it for him and thus expedite the process.

That is where everything took a negative turn for the man because, as he points out, the trademark was registered, but without his name appearing.

Liebensohn sued Kim Kardashian in 2019 for $100 million and gave all the evidence she had to prove Kimoji had been created from the concepts stolen from him. At the time Kim and his lawyers replied that it was something “false and absurd” and countersued for 300 million dollars, an amount that led him to withdraw from the lawsuit.

Although the man withdrew the lawsuit, Kim Kardashian and Jenner asked for $400,000 in attorney fees and financial compensation for what happened, which eventually led to the man’s bankruptcy.

Financial misfortune would cause him to lose his family as his wife divorced him and now lives in his car while combining two different jobs just to pay the money he owes.

According to him, the alleged affected would have launched from his car and with a mobile phone the website Kimkardashianruinedmylife.com, in which he gives details about his history, shows his evidence, and asks people for donations to allow him to pay his debt.

The most widespread video on TikTok about this fact is the one uploaded by Kylazingaround, although more and more accounts have made their own video talking about this situation.


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